Nina Shtanski met with Andrei Veselovsky


Nina Shtanski held a meeting with Ukraine’s Special Representative on Pridnestrovian Settlement, Ambassador-at-Large of the MFA of Ukraine Andrei Veselovsky. Taking part in the meeting also were First Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine to the RM Sergei Zhivchuk, First Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine to the RM Yevgeny Tkachuk.

The minister expressed gratitude to the Ukrainian side for the fact that the embassy staff is on the constant working contact with the Pridnestrovian side, in spite of the sensitive nature of the existing contradictions. Nina Shtanski stressed that Pridnestrovie hopes to further intensify the dialogue with Ukraine: “We are interested in forging contacts and interaction that we have traditionally. I would like that the dialogue with the Ukrainian side be of a systemic nature.”

In turn, Andrey Veselovsky assured the minister that the Ukrainian side is interested in an exchange of views with the Pridnestrovian side and does not ignore this trend.

During the meeting, the diplomats raised a number of critical issues related to freedom of movement of people and the state of trade and economic relations between Pridnestrovie and Ukraine.

Nina Shtanski expressed the Pridnestrovian side’s desire to return to the trade regime which had been in effect until 2006, and encouraged to join forces of Pridnestrovie, Moldova and Ukraine to jointly address issues of economic cooperation.

Nina Shtanski and Andrey Veselovsky also exchanged views on the situation in the negotiation process. Nina Shtanski said that Pridnestrovie expects the support from the Ukraine in the form of proposals and initiatives aimed at reviving the negotiating track.