Vitaly Ignatiev gave an interview to Atlas Magasin


Today, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev gave an interview to Mathias Mencke, correspondent of the Atlas Magasin.

During the dialogue with the journalist the Head of the Foreign Ministry responded to questions about the current socio-economic situation in Pridnestrovie, nature of the Pridnestrovian identity, as well as about prospects for the settlement of the Pridnestrovian-Moldovan relations.

Within the conversation Vitaly Ignatiev emphasized considerable strengthening of the external pressure on the republic from neighboring states. In this context, the diplomat dwelled on the problem of politically motivated prosecutions of Pridnestrovian citizens by Moldova, as well as on a full range of restrictive measures towards the PMR in the field of economy, transport, freight railway communication and free movement of citizens.

Answering a reporter’s question about possible ways of normalizing relations with the Republic of Moldova, Vitaly Ignatiev said that the main obstacle in this area is the absence of political will on the part of the Moldovan side to interact with Pridnestrovie at the negotiating table on a systematic and constructive basis.

"We have managed to prove that we are a constructive partner, able to negotiate. There is an international multilateral dialogue format with no claims against the Pridnestrovian side as we perform agreements that we sign. The main problem – absence of political will on the part of representatives of Moldova, as well as the presence of the geopolitical interests of some other players that do not contribute to strengthening stability in the region”, – concluded Vitaly Ignatiev.