Statement by the Press Service of the MFA of the PMR regarding the Incidents that Occurred with the Participation of the representatives of the Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry on December 19, 2014 in Kishinev


Two incidents took place on December 19, 2014 in Kishinev, they were directed against the diplomatic employees of Pridnestrovie. The employees of the Foreign Ministry on the instructions of the PMR’s Foreign Ministry were sent by official cars to Kishinev.

On December 19 at 13:10 the official car of the Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry was stopped by traffic police of the Republic of Moldova without giving any reason and in the absence of traffic violations. Diplomats were requested documents without a legal basis, and then, after showing them, the officials of the Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry were brought to the nearest Police Station for additional security check.

However in 17:00 there was another incident with another car of the Pridnestrovian MFA in one of the main streets of Kishinev. A man tried to provoke the MFA’s employees into a conflict, by an obviously provocative tone making claims to having official number plates on the car.  In view of the inconclusive verbal provocations the mentioned citizen when the car going away from the parking lot tried to provoke, or rather, to stage a road traffic accident, making some blows with his hand on the vehicle, then he called the traffic police, claiming that he had been run over .

It should be noted that law enforcement officials of the RM arrived on the “site” after an hour and a half at the same time as a “reporter” of the “known” Moldovan information portal “” who happened to be there and who, incidentally, previously appeared in most of provocations against citizens of Pridnestrovie and this time he was carrying out continuous intrusive recording of the MFA’s employees with a camera up to 22:00 while the law enforcement officers were dealing with the situation. We note that this amount of time - more than 4 hours - it took the Moldovan law enforcement officials in order to make sure that there was no fact of an accident. In this case, the Pridnestrovian diplomats were sent to undergo a medical examination, and then to the police station. When the circumstances of the “incident” were clarified, the vehicle and the employees of the Foreign Ministry were released.

We regard such actions of Moldovan representatives exclusively as a deliberately provocative and aimed at explicit incentives for extremist manifestations against the citizens and authorities of Pridnestrovie.
An indisputable confirmation of the prepared staging is another allegedly “random occurrence” of “journalists” of the information portal “” on site of the so-called incident.

The PMR's MFA believes that such tricks can seriously complicate the already fragile interaction between the parties. The fourth incident for such a short period confirms the coherent and systematic nature of the actions of the Moldovan representatives, who probably chose the path of a planned aggravation of tension with Pridnestrovie. This fact once again demonstrates the unwillingness or inability of the authorities of Moldova to maintain an adequate level of order and security in the society.

Given the above stated we would like to make a proposal to the mediators and observers to duly estimate the series of incidents, which have happened in recent months, and develop practical recommendations for the Moldovan authorities to ensure the safety of the movement of representatives of the PMR, entering the territory of the Republic of Moldova due to the business necessity. Therewith we note that the security of representatives of the RM in the territory of Pridnestrovie is maintained by the law enforcement forces of Pridnestrovie at a high level.

It should also be noted that any provocations tend to lead to irreversible consequences, expressed in the degradation of possibilities for an open and partnership dialogue of the parties and the formation of the complex images of a hostile state in the public mind, which is a breeding ground for the growth of extremism.

We presume that the extension of the conflict line against Pridnestrovie by the Moldovan side imposes responsibility for the possible development of cooperation between the parties in a negative way, first of all, on its initiators.