President confirmed Vitaly Ignatiev in office of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR


​The Head of State Yevgeny Shevchuk has appointed Vitaly Ignatiev to the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR.

“I hope that you will continue all the good that has been done as a lot has been done and will bring something new. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be even more powerful agency in terms of the implementation of the foreign policy of Pridnestrovie” – said the President.

On this occasion, the Head of State congratulated the staff of the Foreign Ministry on the upcoming national holiday – the Day of the Republic, and thanked them for their contribution to the strengthening of the Pridnestrovian state.

Previously served as Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina Shevchuk was released from the post due to her transfer to another position.

The Head of State signed the relevant decrees.

Today, according to the order of the rector of T.G. Shevchenko Pridnestrovian State University Nina Shevchuk has been appointed vice-rector for international cooperation. Nina Shevchuk will start performing her duties from September 1 this year.

Source: Website of the President of the PMR