Vitaly Ignatiev meets with US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Bridget Brink


The Foreign Ministry hosted a meeting of Acting Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev with a delegation of American diplomats represented by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Bridget Brink and Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador to Moldova James Pettit. From the Pridnestrovian side the meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Dmitry Palamarchuk.

Vitaly Ignatiev, welcoming the guests, noted the traditional openness of the Pridnestrovian side to the dialogue with international partners, including the United States of America, which, according to the diplomat, is confirmed by concrete achievements in the field of humanitarian and cultural cooperation.

 “Active contacts are the basis for obtaining first hand information and forming an objective picture of the ongoing processes, including in the framework of negotiations between Pridnestrovie and Moldova,” - said the head of the Foreign Ministry.

In her turn, Bridget Brink expressed interest in an objective study of the current situation in Pridnestrovie. “This is my first visit, and I hope it will be one of many. I came to hear what problems and challenges you face, and how the United States can help,”- said the US diplomat.

During the meeting the sides discussed a wide array of issues on the current agenda of the process of normalization of relations between Pridnestrovie and Moldova.

Particular emphasis was placed on the need to abolish the ban on crossing the international border by vehicles registered in Pridnestrovie. Vitaly Ignatiev called on American counterparts to promote the cessation of politically motivated criminal cases against citizens of Pridnestrovie, the release of the Pridnestrovian militiaman Maksim Kuzmichev. Also, according to the acting minister, it is necessary to work in the economy and to create conditions for the restoration of a climate of confidence by agreeing and implementing specific measures aimed at developing the welfare of citizens.