Mourning events devoted to the first anniversary of the beginning of the “five-day war” take place in the official representation of South Ossetia in Pridnestrovie

On August 8th, mourning events will be held in South Ossetia devoted to the first anniversary of Georgian troops' invasion of this republic. Pridnestrovian citizens mourn together with the Ossetian people over the fallen in this cruel war.

Today the head of the official representation of South Ossetia in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Sergey Surago has received condolences from PMR MFA leadership. “What happened a year ago on the Ossetian land will always remain in our memory,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Vladimir Yastrebchak told in his speech. According to him, Pridnestrovian people, having experienced the crime of Kishinev nationalists in 1992, fully share the pain of Osettians. PMR MFA head reminded of the fact that citizens of Pridnestrovie were among the first to render assistance in restoring Tskhinval that had been almost razed to the ground by the Georgian army.

The Minister noted that South Ossetia marks the mournful date of August 8th as already recognized state. “It was the only right and possible step on the part of Russia,” told Vladimir Yastrebchak. Moscow-made decision allowed to ensure peace guarantee on the Ossetian land and turned to be an evidence of a responsible role of the Russian Federation in the present-day international affairs.  

According to the Minister, the Geogian leaders, having attempted to commit genocide over the South Ossetian folk, should not escape the deserved punishment for their crimes. “They should be trialed by the International Criminal Court,” marked PMR MFA head.

The head of the official representation of the Republic of Abkhazia in the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Alexander Vataman also expressed his condolences to the Ossetian people. He stated regretfully that today, a year after the tragedy, shootings are heard again in the neighborhood of Tskhinval and Georgian leadership does not give up its plans to repeat its bloody “blitzkrieg”. “Under the circumstances, the only guarantee to keep peace is presence of the Russian army on the territory of South Ossetia and Abkhazia,” said Alexander Vataman.

In compliance with diplomatic protocol, PMR Foreign Minister and the head of the official representation of Abkhazia in Pridnestrovie left words of condolence and support, addressed to the people of South Ossetia, in the visitor's book. Vladimir Yastrebchak handed to Sergey Surago reproduction of the famous Ossetian artist's picture which depicts consequences of the Georgian invasion of Tskhinval.

Thereupon, MFA's leadership and heads of official representations of South Ossetia and Abkhazia laid flowers to the Glory Memorial in Tiraspol.