Vladimir Yastrebchak: No Reasonable Russian Political Force Will Surrender Pridnestrovie


Internal policy situation connected with the forthcoming presidential elections in the PMR is of no primary importance in diplomatic contacts of Moscow and Tiraspol. The main topic of consultations – issues of the Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement and development of bilateral cooperation between Pridnestrovie and Russia. This was today stated by PMR's Foreign Minister Vladimir Yastrebchak at the briefing which took place in the foreign office of the Republic.

PMR's MFA head told about the results of his working trip to Moscow and Kiev. On October 13, in Moscow, he met with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of RF Grigory Karasin. “Our conversation was mainly focused on issues connected with further prospects for a dialogue on the Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement in the run-up of the planned visit of the delegation of guarantors and observers to Moldova and Pridnestrovie,” told Vladimir Yastrebchak. He specified that this visit will take place presumably in the first decade of November. Mediators and guarantors will on the ground acquaint themselves with the situation which has established in the region. It is expected that the date of the beginning of official consultations on the Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement in the five plus two format will be defined based on the results of the meeting.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR, one more important topic of his meeting with Grigory Karasin was the matter of frequent provocative acts on the part of Kishinev in the Security Zone on the Dniester. “We paid special attention to the situation around the peacekeeping operation and those events which take place in the Security Zone. We pointed that any actions which can destabilize the situation will find our distinct reaction,” Vladimir Yastrebchak told. He marked that Pridnestrovie advocates for maintenance of the current peacekeeping operation and “development of its potential”.

On the instructions of the President of the PMR, Vladimir Yastrebchak participated in the working conference (congress) of International Russia Movement which took place on October 15, in Moscow. The Head of the Pridnestrovien diplomacy made an Appeal to delegates and participants of the congress on behalf of the President of the PMR I.N. Smirnov. “Participation in such forums helps ensure that the Pridnestrovien stance be heard in Russia immediately from the mouth of those directly involved in the processes on the Dniester,” PMR's MFA head told. By the decision of the congress, Vladimir Yastrebchak was delegated to membership of the International Committee on analytical and expert activity, on aspects of interethnic relations, foreign policy of the Russian Federation, cultural cooperation of Russian peoples with international community, assistance to the integration of civil societies and creation of Eurasian Economic Union. As the Head of the PMR's MFA noted, this expert body is headed by authoritative diplomat and expert in international relations, famous political and public figure of the USSR and Russia Valentin Falin. “It' an honour for me to work in the structure led by such an experienced professional,” Vladimir Yastrebchak told. 

On October 17, the Pridnestrovien delegation visited Kiev. As the Head of the Pridnestrovien MFA told, the Ukrainian capital hosted his working meeting with Ukraine's Special Representative on the Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement Igor Kharchenko. “We discussed prospects for the Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement, as well as implementation of those agreements which were reached in the course of our contacts with the Ukrainian side, inter alia, during the visit by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Grishchenko to Bendery,” told Vladimir Yastrebchak.

At the instance of journalists, he commented upon statement of Vice-Premier of the Republic of Moldova Evgeniy Karpov, who condemned the intention of Tiraspol to adopt the law On Objectives and Principles of Negotiation Process with the Republic of Moldova. Official from Kishinev considers, that this document “will create obstacles in the way of settlement”. According to Vladimir Yastrebchak, the law, which is being discussed in Supreme Soviet of the PMR, is intended not for Pridnestrovien external partners. “We are interested in their opinion, but, first of all, we will follow our own interests,” Minister said. According to him, this law will become quite useful legal support for Pridnestrovien negotiators. It will outline their tasks and functions more clearly.

Representatives of Mass Media asked Minister to comment upon the statement of Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation Sergey Naryshkin, who called the decision of Igor Smirnov on standing for the post of President of the PMR a mistake. Tiraspol is grateful to Mr. Naryshkin for fascination and attention to situation in Pridnestrovie, Vladimir Yastrebchak said. Alongside with that, he reminded that in Russia only President and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have the right to make official statements of such kind. “We proceed from the fact, that nobody has the right to tell people, whom they must choose; and this was done also by Russian officials. It is not worth expecting, that advices from without became for us an executory categorical imperative. The Russian Federation has also a good many of examples, when such kind of categorical imperatives led to opposite effect,” Minister said.

“Does the scenario, providing the change of Pridnestrovien leadership in order to make the republic a part of Moldova, really exist in Moscow?” journalists asked head of PMR's foreign office. “I am sure, that Pridnestrovie is seen by pro-Russian Russian political forces as inherent worth, as state formation, which must be valued as an ally of the Russian Federation. Therefore, no reasonable Russian political force will surrender Pridnestrovie and push it into the Republic of Moldova,” Vladimir Yastrebchak said.

Answering the questions of journalists, head of PMR's MFA noted that the issue, concerning prohibition of importation of Pridnestrovien brandy to Russia, had not been discussed during Moscow consultations. Earlier such possibility had been voiced by Chief Sanitary Inspector Gennadiy Onishenko. According to information, provided by Minister, Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection has not yet presented claims to Pridnestrovien alcoholic products.

At the instance of journalists head of PMR's MFA told about the attitude of Tiraspol towards the Agreement on Free Trade Area, signed yesterday by head of the governments of the CIS countries in St. Petersburg. “Any removal of barriers for movement of the goods has positive influence to the economy. It is natural, that we welcome integration processes in countries of former Soviet Union from the point of view of economical reasonability and possibility for expansion of outlets for our goods, and for other reasons. We are ready to participate in different integration projects, in which the Russian Federation is the centre of gravity,” Vladimir Yastrebchak said. ith that, head of MFA did not rule out, that Moldova, having signed this agreement, is trying to use the situation as the factor of pressure on Pridnestrovie, demanding political concessions in exchange for economic preferences. “But we do not sell our interests. If somebody will try to use this as leverage for an impact, our response will be adequate,” Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR said.