Vitaly Ignatiev Met with Head of OSCE Mission to Moldova Claus Neukirch


The Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry hosted the meeting between Minister Vitaly Ignatiev and the Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Claus Neukirch. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Foreign Minister of Pridnestrovie Alexander Stetsiuk and Ambassador-at-Large in the rank of Deputy Foreign Minister of Pridnestrovie Ruslan Slobodeniuk.

During the communication, diplomats discussed a wide range of topical issues on the agenda of the negotiation process between Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova, having paid attention to the situation with the development of the Dubossary sand quarry. In this context, Vitaly Ignatiev noted insufficient dynamics in the dialogue of the parties.

“Unfortunately, the situation in relations with Kishinev does not become easier, and we see certain prerequisites for its deterioration. There are more and more problems, and the issue of the sand quarry has now appeared on our agenda. I would like to confirm the conceptual attitude of Pridnestrovie to tackle all issues exclusively at the negotiating table and the final implementation of previously reached agreements, as well as the desire to hold the upcoming meeting in the 5+2 format as meaningfully as possible. We would like to avoid developing the situation in an uncontrollable way”, the Foreign Minister of the PMR stressed.

During the meeting, Vitaly Ignatiev noted that the Pridnestrovian side is awaiting a response from the representatives of Moldova to the invitation to hold a meeting in the 1+1 format in Tiraspol due to the accumulating problematic issues that require urgent solutions. He also expressed hope for the intensification of meetings at the level of expert (working) groups after completion of internal personnel changes in the Republic of Moldova.