Answers by Nina Shtanski to the Questions of Russia 24 TV Channel

Answers by Nina Shtanski to the Questions of Russia 24 TV Channel

Today, Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for the International Cooperation, Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski answered the questions of a 24-hour TV Channel “Russia 24”. The Russian channel was interested in the situation in the Republic, as well as in the development of bilateral cooperation with the Russian Federation. There was also a question about Ukraine.

“The situation in Pridnestrovie remains difficult. Since 2006 the Republic is under blockade de facto and instead of development it needs, the Republic survives.” New challenges for the Pridnestrovian economy are also presented by the involvement of Moldova in Free Trade Zone with the EU which is a part of the European integration policy of neighbour country. There are as well difficulties in the negotiation process. Moldova does not leave attempts to speak to us the language of blackmail, sanctions and compulsion,”- noted the head of the Foreign Ministry.

The Minister emphasized: “Pridnestrovie is based by the people's will”. “Pridnestrovie is founded to survive, to have right to speak native language and maintain its own multinational culture. People living here are Russians, Moldovans, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Gagauzians, and many others,”- she said.

According to Nina Shtanski, the state policy is grounded on the referendum basis. “We held the last referendum in 2006. And the Pridnestrovian people expressed the wish to live in the independent republic with the subsequent integration into Russia by more than 97 per cent of votes”, - informed the minister.

 “It should be understood that there are people of different nationalities among the voters. It was Russia that stopped the bloodshed in 1992. It was the guarantor of peace and under its auspices the peacekeeping operation is held today on the banks of the Dniester River. Russia helps its compatriots here without dividing them by nationalities. Peacekeepers provide a peace sleep of each family, the financial assistance which Russia provides for supplementary pension is paid to everyone, financing of the improvement of the food nutrition in schools and nursery schools – for all children, sites being built today in Pridnestrovie by non-commercial organization “the Eurasian integration” under the personal control of Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin, designed to improve the welfare of everyone. They are social sites:  health care, schools, nursery schools. Therefore as exemplified by Pridnestrovie, the Russia's policy concerning our compatriots is seen probably as nowhere,” – the minister, explained the specifics of bilateral relations.

Commenting on the situation in Ukraine Nina Shtanski noted that Pridnestrovian residents sincerely worry about the events there. “It is a neighbour country. One third of Pridnestrovian population is ethnic Ukrainians, more than 100 thousand Ukrainian citizens live already here, they suffered tragedy here and they know exactly that any political goals can be achieved by the cost of human lives. We hope that the situation in Ukraine will stabilize,” – she said.