Communiqué on the results of the meeting between President of TR I. Smirnov and Vice-Chairman of the Russian Cabinet A. Zhukov

In the framework of the visit of President of the Transdniestrian Republic to the capital of the Russian Federation Moscow, a working meeting was held between I. Smirnov and Vice-Chairman of the Russian Cabinet A. Zhukov.From the Russian side the meeting also saw participation of executives of the Cabinet and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, from the Transdniestrian side – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Transdniestrian Republic V. Litskai.
The meeting marked the beginning of a new stage of the dynamically developing mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Transdniestria, and became a significant landmark in the history of our strategic partnership.At the meeting, the Transdniestrian side expressed its gratitude for the active and consistent position taken by the leadership of the Russian Federation as to meeting its commitments as the guarantor country in the settlement between Moldova and Transdniestria, protection of rights of Transdniestrians to free labour, adequate standard of living, and freedom of movement. President of the Transdniestrian Republic stressed that practical steps aimed at filling with real contents the 1997 Moscow Memorandum would have a positive impact on the settlement process between Moldova and Transdniestria as a whole.
High representatives from Russia and Transdniestria discussed the current situation and prospects of bilateral relations in various areas – socio-economic, scientific-technical, cultural, and others. Specifically,  particular attention was paid to the issue of reestablishing the railway communication between Russia and Transdniestria disrupted by the Republic of Moldova; development of banking contacts, medical supplies to Transdniestria, maintaining the common educational space, development of the energy component of the Russian-Transdniestrian relations, and other topical issues on the agenda.
The Russian side reaffirmed its readiness to take further steps aimed at practical implementation of earlier agreements and support for Transdniestrian people in upholding their inalienable rights.The sides agreed that development of bilateral cooperation is undoubtedly what the economic agents and citizens of the Russian Federation and Transdniestria are interested in.
The meeting was held in the atmosphere of mutual confidence and respect, awareness of common challenges the Sides are facing.
The meeting resulted in signing a protocol, which, as the Sides see it, will be a “road map” for the Russian-Transdniestrian cooperation and will allow to establish a firm basis for enhancing and developing contacts between Russia and Transdniestria at all levels.