Comments by the Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie regarding some statements of Representative on Political Issues of the Republic of MoldovaVictor Osipov


The Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie got acquainted with curiousity with some statements of Representative on Political Issues of the Republic of MoldovaVictor Osipov, this time voiced during an interview to the Kommersant newpaper. The PMR's MFA does not find it possible to comment on a number of openly unfriendly and untruthful theses of the interview, but it cannot but responds to, apparently, intentional delusion of the Moldovan negotiator, which gets obsessive features and indicates the lack of respectful attitude to the realities of the ongoing negotiation process.

So, Victor Osipov in his interview claims that allegedly “basic documents for the 5+2 format specify the purpose of the negotiation process: the reintegration of Moldavia. Take it or leave it. Of course, there may be other opinions that run counter to the fact that everyone agreed on. But this is a breach of the agreement”.

In connection with this absurd remark the Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry has to note that the basic documents of the negotiation process conducting in the format of the “Permanent Conference ...” is an agreement “On the organization of the negotiation process on the Pridnestrovian settlement” of 20 February 2002, as well as the “Principles and Procedures for the Conduct of Negotiations as part of the Permanent Conference on Political Issues in the Framework of the Pridnestrovian Settlement Negotiation Process” of 18 April 2012, which are available on the link: These documents clearly specify the purpose of negotiation process, which has nothing to do with the “reintegration of Moldavia”.

Moreover, it should be emphasized that the content-analysis of each and every document of the negotiation process does not find in them the term “reintegration of Moldavia”, voiced by our partner in the negotiations, which suggests the absence of such phrases in the "5 + 2" vocabulary.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR cautiously perceived Victor Osipov’s judgments that the opinions that are contrary to the approach of the Moldovan side, are in violation of an “agreement”. However, the Pridnestrovian side knows nothing about the existence of such an “agreement”.

In connection with this we have to emphasize that all participants of the “Permanent Conference ...” indeed agreed with the Principles and procedures of the negotiation process, as well as with the Agenda of 18 April 2012, clearly and imperatively determining a negotiation space within which the issues of socio-economic, humanitarian and legal nature are priorities.

Once again we calls the Moldovan partners for a constructive interaction within the agreed negotiation space and on the basis of the support by all 5+2 members for the Principles and procedures for the negotiations which exclude double, arbitrary and irresponsible interpretation of the framework for dialogue which, we believe, is relevant today for both parties.