Comment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR on some statements by the political representative from the Republic of Moldova


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR was surprised at the statements by the political representative from the Republic of Moldova Gheorghe Balan, made during the briefing on the results of today’s Bendery meeting. In particular, we refer to some alleged signals about a possible ban on the passage of vehicles with Pridnestrovian numbers through the territory of Ukraine.

The Foreign Ministry considers such statements irresponsible, manipulative and aimed at creating public nervousness about the freedom of movement of vehicles.

It should be specially noted that at present the dialogue of experts on the issue of participation of Pridnestrovian motor transport in the international movement is active. In particular, on September 6, 2017, a regular meeting of expert (working) groups on motor transport issues was held, during which the parties held substantive discussions on a number of technical aspects that could in the long run approximate achievement of a final agreement on this issue.

Moreover, during today’s meeting of political representatives of the parties, none of the participants voiced this kind of statements.

Particular misunderstanding is caused by the fact that such declarations are made by the negotiator of the Republic of Moldova as opposed to a request specially drawn up after the meeting by the OSCE representatives about the cautious and conscientious interpretation of the interim results in the media.

In this context, we urge the Moldovan side to abandon provocative rhetoric and through the methods of public interpretations and the escalation of the tension not to interfere normal working communication to solve this problem.