Igor Shornikov delivers a public lecture in the Pridnestrovian State University


An open lecture by Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Igor Shornikov was held at T.G. Shevchenko State University. In his speech, the diplomat detailed issues of interaction of the PMR with the Russian Federation, as well as the implementation of the foreign policy of the republic towards the Eurasian integration.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR consistently implements the policy of Pridnestrovie’s integration into the common space with the Russian Federation. In recent years, some progress has been achieved in this way that, despite the region-wide instability, allows us today to feel relatively safe and look with confidence to the future,” said Igor Shornikov.

During the lecture Igor Shornikov emphasized that for 25 years of de facto independence absolute consensus on foreign policy vector of the country reigns in the Pridnestrovian society. “Pridnestrovie does not see alternatives to the unity with Russia,” the deputy minister said. In this context, Igor Shornikov touched on the key milestones in the development of cooperation between Pridnestrovie and the Russian Federation.

The diplomat stressed the enormous amount of work done by the Pridnestrovian foreign ministry over the years, reminded about the reached agreements, memoranda and other documents cementing trust-based cooperation between the two countries. “The 2014 marked a new stage in the strengthening of inter-agency cooperation between Pridnestrovie and the Russian Federation through the signing of 14 Memoranda between the executive authorities of the PMR and federal departments of Russia in the development of the provisions of the Protocol on the results of the working meeting between D.O. Rogozin and Y.V. Shevchuk,” said Igor Shornikov. The memoranda, according to the diplomat, formulate framework of norms and main directions of development of cooperation in the nearest future, and the full-fledged and consistent implementation of the provisions of the memoranda will create conditions to establish stable contacts in the economic, transport, scientific, educational and cultural spheres. “In the short term it is necessary to focus on continuing the practical implementation of the Russian-Pridnestrovian agreements. It is important that any of the documents can be supplemented by mutual consent of the parties. This will ensure that Russia and Pridnestrovie will continue the inter-agency cooperation, even if some provisions of the memoranda will have been successfully implemented,” said Deputy Foreign Minister.

Igor Shornikov also reminded that for recent years the positive progress has been achieved in many areas of bilateral relations. "Since the end of 2014 the simplified procedure of granting Russian citizenship to residents of the PMR has been returned. Since 2013 various social and infrastructure projects have been implemented through the ANO “Eurasian Integration”, the total cost of which has long passed $120 million. Moreover, Russian additional payments to pensions continue to be paid,” the diplomat noted.

Igor Shornikov also noted that the sides need to intensify cooperation in the economic sphere. “It worth noting with regret the share of the Russian market in the Pridnestrovian export consistently declines. To stop this trend is not yet possible. This is partly due to the objective economic processes in the countries of the Eurasian Union,” the diplomat said.

In the course of communication with students Igor Shornikov also spoke about the Eurasian initiatives of the PMR's MFA, noting that, for Pridnestrovie inclusion in the Eurasian integration projects is a coherent institutionalization of mechanisms for cooperation with Russia. “Pridnestrovie develops its own way of integration with Russia. Special conditions of our country make us look for non-standard methods of cooperation. For the success of any business it is important to understand what goals you want to achieve. Pridnestrovian people clearly defined its objectives in the referendum of 2006,” said Igor Shornikov.

The diplomat noted that many countries already perceive Pridnestrovie as a “little Russia”. “They reckon with us, because they see the great power behind us. They hope for us because we do not trade in ideals and geopolitical orientation. The success of Pridnestrovie in the Eurasian integration is programmed by the logic of history and 25 years of Pridnestrovians’ struggle for the right to live in unity with Russia. Our common task is to bring this process to a logical conclusion,” summarized Igor Shornikov.