Discussions on Driving Licenses and Criminal Cases within Freedom of Movement Panel


During the Free Movement session, the discussion touched upon the pressing issue regarding driving licenses used by Pridnestrovian nationals within the international traffic. Pridnestrovie suggested particular solution modalities considering mediators’ opinion and earlier commitments to allow international traffic participation with no discrimination to all persons enjoying the VRO mechanism access. However, the Moldovan side declined all Pridnestrovian proposals and, thus, Pridnestrovie pleaded the mediators and international partners to involve in finding a persistent compromise and a way to issue driving licenses to their citizens, who are resident in Pridnestrovie.

Particular attention was paid to the interests of Pridnestrovian international trade shipping companies. Pridnestrovie presented once again a draft Protocol Decision allowing the VRO registration of buses and trucks owned by transport agents from the PMR and used for the international commercial shipping. Different options for receiving permits were presented at the conference. The Moldovan side showed no willingness to reach agreements, thus, the discussions are further to be held on the level of target Expert (Working) Groups on Transport and Road Facilities, involving relevant experts.

In the light of the Golerkany presidential meeting on October 29, 2019, the sides exchanged opinions on criminal cases against the officials. The Moldovan side informed about progress in this protracted issue and plans onto. The Pridnestrovian representatives paid attention to the necessity of an objective verification mechanism on criminal cases and reaffirmed their willingness to terminate the earlier criminal proceedings against Moldovan officials.  

Along with that, the participants went on a productive discussion regarding speeding up the implementation of the initiative by the PMR President Vadim Krasnoselsky related to the Bendery trolleybus route to Severny neighbourhood via Varnitsa. The authorized EU representatives confirmed their willingness to finance this important infrastructural project.