Kishinev hosted the kick-off meeting of representatives on political issues and heads of the expert (working) groups on the motivated criminal cases from Pridnestrovie and Moldova


Today, the OSCE office in Kishinev hosted a meeting of representatives of political issues with the heads of all the expert (working) groups of the parties. We remind that agreement on the meeting was reached by political representatives on March 12, the need for holding it was confirmed at the highest level - by President of the PMR Yevgeny Shevchuk and Prime Minister of Moldova Kiril Gaburich.

The sides discussed a wide range of issues related to the functioning of the support mechanism of the negotiation process - expert (working) groups of the parties, but it is important in terms of technical preparation of draft decisions. The political representatives exchanged views on the factors impeding the effective work of specialized experts, as well as possible solutions that could contribute to its revitalization.

In particular, the parties voiced a consolidated position on the need to avoid politicization of the work at the expert level. In that context, the heads of the working groups were recommended to focus on developing practical mechanisms to solve existing problems in specialized areas, including taking into account the global expertise.

In this regard, Nina Shtanski recalled that in Bad Reichenhall the parties had signed a regulation establishing the legal framework of interaction at the level of specialized professionals. “We urged the experts to be partners in various fields, as well as to try to restore the work of the expert groups, which, unfortunately, failed to start working”, - said the Foreign Minister.

Nina Shtanski and Viktor Osipov stressed that under circumstances where issues of political settlement had a high conflict potential, as well as in the context of the general deterioration of the regional socio-economic situation the effective work of the expert groups was of particular importance.

“We tried to convey good, positive energy to the experts. I hope that our message aiming to ensure that the experts are involved in expert diplomacy, respecting each other, that they look for technical, highly professional and sector-specific solutions, avoiding the politicization of their cooperation, was heard by the experts today,” – said at a briefing for the media Nina Shtanski.

Following the meeting, the parties agreed to contribute to the organization of a number of meetings of experts in the near future. In particular, some of them will be held during the next week. According to political representatives, the holding of a meeting on the harmonization of approaches for simultaneous closing of politically motivated criminal cases against officials of the parties is of particular relevance.

Commenting on the agreement while communicating with the media, Nina Shtanski called the problem of closing politically motivated criminal cases as one of the most complex and sensitive. “Without solving this problem, we cannot ensure normal work of the expert groups, because even today some heads of the expert groups from the Pridnestrovian side, unfortunately, could not come here, by reason of the prosecution. This issue is the most sensitive and conflict, but how intensive we will move forward largely depends on its successful resolution,”- she explained the position of the Pridnestrovian side.

Today, the OSCE Mission in Kishinev also held this year’s first meeting of experts in the field of telecommunications.