Nina Shtanski Called upon the Moldovan Side not to Block the Repair Works in Bendery


The difficulties arisen while road repairing in Bendery, were the subject of discussions between the representatives on political issues of Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova.

We remind, on July 2 of this year under the pretext of observance of a road sign requirements the mobile post of the Moldovan police blocked the possibility of passage of vehicles with road-building materials through the village Varnitsa which moved to the place of repair work, that is significantly inconvenient for repair and construction organizations and the population.

Nina Shtanski expressed anxiety about the arisen issue and called Yevgeny Karpov to get immediately involved in the early settlement of this issue. Along with this the Pridnestrovian side drew attention of participants to the fact that attempts to block the implementation of administrative and maintenance activity in the town for far-fetched reasons may provoke additional tensions between the sides.