Blockade ring is closed: Pridnestrovian authorities told about the Ukraine Army at the borders


​The Foreign Minister of Pridnestrovie Nina Shtanski in an interview to the Zvezda TV Channel spoke about the situation in the unrecognized state. According to her, the situation has aggravated drastically.  

 “The Blockade ring is closed, Ukraine has blocked all our import. We are not able to fully carry out our social obligations to the people. Ukraine has also blocked the freedom of movement for Pridnestrovian citizens with Russian passports,” Shtanski said.

She stressed that if during the first blockade of 2006 Ukraine blocked only Pridnestrovie’s export, now the republic has remained without the Ukrainian import which constitutes a large part of the trade turnover of the country. Nina Shtanski also said Ukraine has pulled in significant military forces to the border with Pridnestrovie and the redeployment continues.

“With regard to the location on the border of Ukraine and Pridnestrovie of military units, yes - they have been deployed, their number increases, it can be seen by the naked eye. The military units are located in close proximity to the border crossing points, tent camps have been pitched, and all this raises tension,” the Foreign Minister emphasized.

On June 8 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the law about terminating the contract with Russia on the transit of the military to Moldavia. According to the explanatory note, the agreement “is a direct threat to national security and territorial integrity of Ukraine.” The agreement was signed in 1995. According to it, Russian military units could transit through Ukraine to the territory of Moldavia. On May 21, 2015 the Rada voted in favor of the denunciation of the treaty. In accordance with the Agreement on principles of peaceful settlement of the conflict in Pridnestrovie, there are Russian peacekeepers in the security zone on the Dniester. The contingent has 1.5 thousand soldiers and officers.