Vitaly Ignatiev: The visit of an American emissary to Kishinev is the element of broad regional geopolitical confrontation


The Head of the PMR Foreign Ministry thinks that Pridnestrovie is at the front line, in the truest sense of the word.

Commander, U.S. European Command and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe, U.S. Air Forces General Philip M. Breedlove is visiting Moldova between 23 and 24 March.

It is known that during the two-day visit Breedlove will meet with Moldovan President and Minister of Defence, will visit Bulboaka National Military Training Center which is being renovated with US support.

Influence on Moldova exerted by the EU and NATO was unhidden in recent years, but has intensified lately. This fact does not go unnoticed either in Moldova itself, or here in Pridnestrovie.

As Acting Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev noted in an interview to our agency, the senior US emissary’s visit is primarily a demonstrative action and shows that the US and NATO’s influence - military, political, ideological - extends to the territories neighbouring NATO states.

“The Republic of Moldova is in this sense a suitable object for external influence, de facto renounced the declared constitutional neutrality and long lost its inner immunity, became a satellite in recent years and an active recipient of US military and political support,” believes the head of the Foreign Ministry.

According to the head of the Foreign Ministry, the Moldovan neutrality became long ago an “absolute fiction, which is easily broken when facing reality”. “And the reality is that Moldovan militarymen participate in the peacekeeping operation of NATO in Kosovo, the days of NATO are held in Moldova, an information center of the North Atlantic alliance is opened and operates. Last year, unauthorized military exercises were carried out with the participation of American and Romanian troops in close proximity with the Security zone. Moldovan officials, especially in the Defence Ministry, actively promote the cooperation of Moldova with NATO,” noted Vitaly Ignatiev.

It is worth noting that the visit of the American “inspector” is making against the background of a plan to absorb Moldova rapidly into a member of NATO Romania and request for Moldovan citizenship made by former Romanian President Traian Basescu.

 “In addition, Philip Breedlove’s visit is the element of broad regional geopolitical confrontation. And Pridnestrovie is at the front line, in the truest sense of the word. Our state, as the principal proponent of Russian strategic interests in the region, effectively participating in the preservation of Russian military and political presence on the Dniester, ensuring the rights and freedoms of 200 thousand Russian citizens, promoting commonality with Russian historical, educational and other traditions, faces the concentrated pressure today more than ever,” stressed Vitaly Ignatiev.

Therefore, according to the head of the Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie, only through the support and strengthening of Pridnestrovie in all important areas - political, economic, informational, social and humanitarian - Russia “has the potential to effectively confront the widening of US influence in Eastern Europe, aimed primarily at blocking and minimization of Russian national interests”.

Source: Novosti Pridnestrovya News Agency