MFA PMR celebrates the 17th anniversary of its formation

On July 1, 2009, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs celebrated the 17th anniversary since the Day of its Formation. Today the Ceremonial meeting dedicated to this event has taken place in PMR MFA.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Yastrebchak congratulated the personnel of the department noting that much work had been done over the last year to implement all the directions written in the Concept of Pridnestrovian foreign policy aimed at the development of the cooperation between the states, at strengthening peace and stability in the region as well as at promotion and protection of PMR state sovereignty. The Minister marked the high degree of the collective organization, professionalism and responsibility of the MFA officials in fulfilling their tasks.

The Head of the Foreign Office of Pridnestrovie congratulated the staff on behalf of the President of  the  PMR. He delivered the words of the President who had told that 17-years-old is the age when young people leave school and begin their adult life. Igor Smirnov noted that today PMR MFA faces difficult tasks of protecting republic's interests. The President wished the MFA employees further professional growth and success in their work for the sake of republic's and its people's fortune.

The Ceremonial meeting was also attended by the Heads of Official Representations of South Osettia and Abkhazia in Pridnestrovie – Sergey Surago and Alexander Vataman.  Sergey Surago extended message of congratulations of the South Osettian Foreign Minister Murat Dzhioev addressed to the Head of the PMR Foreign Office. The address of congratulations marks the effective and efficient efforts of the Pridnestrovian diplomatic service, high professionalism and patriotism of its employees due to which the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic has enough potential to consolidate political, economic and social stability what ensures peace and security, further positive development and strengthening of its national and state interests. In his message Murat Dzhioev put special emphasis on the high level of development of relations between South Osettia and Pridnestrovie, expressing his conviction that further intensification in all aspects of cooperation will allow bring relations between the states to a higher, more qualitative level in the interests of peace and stability.

Upon conveying congratulations on behalf of the authority of Abkhazian Foreign Office, Alexander Vataman marked the high level of trust and cooperation that had been existing between Abhkazia and Pridnestrovia throughout many years. He underlined that Abkhazian diplomacy had always received absolute support and mutual understanding from Pridnestrovie and expressed conviction that versatile cooperation between both states would be very fruitful for the people of fraternal republics.

Following the decree of the Minister, a number of PMR MFA employees were given diplomatic ranks during the ceremonial meeting.