Igor Shornikov, “The Eurasian Region Pridnestrovie Project Will Enhance Cooperation between Russia and Pridnestrovie”

Igor Shornikov, “The Eurasian Region Pridnestrovie Project Will Enhance Cooperation between Russia and Pridnestrovie”

The new project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR “Eurasian Region Pridnestrovie” will strengthen Russian-Pridnestrovian dialogue. This is the conclusion reached by the participants of today's joint meeting between senior official of the foreign agency, the Council of Young Diplomats under the PMR's MFA and youth organizations of Pridnestrovie.

Eurasian integration gives Pridnestrovie a possibility to settle long-standing economic and social issues: to stem population flow-out, to restore production ties. It is also the beginning of the extensive recovery of the Republic”, was mentioned in the course of the meeting. “The Eurasian region shall be a lever of “soft power” for Russia enhancing international standing of the Russian Federation among the population of Pridnestrovie, Moldova, Ukraine, as well as a mechanism for promoting the Eurasian integration concept among the CIS-countries”, the Foreign Ministry of the PMR said.

According to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Shornikov, implementation of the project shall require the concerted efforts of political, scientific, diplomatic, social and business communities, both in Pridnestrovie and in the Russian Federation. “Distinctions of the current international legal status of Pridnestrovie impose certain restrictions on the formal dialogue with governments of the CIS-countries. In this regard, focus on civil society, strengthening public efforts will form information background that will allow the leaders of Russia and the CIS-countries to heed the voice of Pridnestrovians, and perhaps, to take a step toward them,” he stressed.

Thus the main goal of the “Eurasian Region Pridnestrovie” shall be economic integration in order to create optimal conditions for Pridnestrovian economic agents. Launch of the project will take place in 2013. But this will be preceded by active efforts in the public information field that will result in the international forum of NGOs from Pridnestrovie and the CIS-countries. The Foreign Ministry of the PMR hopes that consolidation of public and expert efforts of several states will ensure the success of the “Eurasian Region Pridnestrovie” project.