Presentation of Aleksandr Sergeyev’s book in Tiraspol


Presentation of Aleksandr Sergeyev’s book titled “Pridnestrovie today: problems and prospects of vital activity”, published by the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies took place at the T.G. Shevchenko Pridnestrovian State University. The event was attended by Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Igor Shornikov, Honorary President of the Pridnestrovian State University Stepan Beril, Head of the Official Representative Office of the Republic of South Ossetia in the PMR Sergei Surago, Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Abkhazia in the PMR Aleksandr Vataman, Scientific Researcher of the Institute for Strategic Studies Georgy Menyailo, as well as representatives of the expert community of the republic. Author of the publication Aleksandr Sergeyev, Rector of the International Slavic Academy, Doctor of Legal Sciences Sergei Baburin, and Chairman of the PMR Supreme Council in 1990-2005 Grigory Maracutsa in Moscow directly connected with the University through teleconference.

Aleksandr Sergeyev is a Russian expert, a Candidate of Legal Sciences, the author of a series of articles about Pridnestrovie, on the basis of which he prepared the present publication.

As Igor Shornikov noted in his welcoming speech, the author of the book specializes in what is happening at the historical milestones of the Russian world. “As a Russian scientist, Aleksandr Sergeyev considers these processes through the prism of all-Russian trends. The value of his work lies in the fact that the author feels not only the general direction of Russia’s development, but also picks up very finely the specifics of the current moment on the civilizational frontier. Pridnestrovie is shown not as an isolated community of people in his book, but as an integral part of the great Russian civilizational continent, inseparably linked with Russia,” the diplomat said.

Stepan Beril, in his turn, stressed that the book is another strong argument in support of the right of the sovereign people of Pridnestrovie to independent choice of development path. Stepan Beril emphasized that the author managed to describe a unique and non-alternative role of Russia not only in Pridnestrovie, but also throughout south-western region of Eurasia.

Grigory Maracutsa, who connected directly with the participants of the event, during the discussion of the problems raised in the book said that the unique diversity of ethnic communities living in the country is an example of inter-ethnic harmony, illustrative for many countries. “The proportionate number of Russian, Moldavians and Ukrainians lives in Pridnestrovie, and three languages are enshrined in the Constitution of the PMR. The position of the elites of some CIS countries is not clear to me. If a large number of people speaking in Russian, what prevents to give it official status? From this point of view we found a successful path of coexistence and community in Pridnestrovie”, he said.

Pridnestrovian historian, Professor Nikolai Babilunga, who is the reviewer of Aleksandr Sergeyev’s book, stressed that the author not just describes the current situation through a number of facts known or unknown to the reader, telling of a picture of reality. “The objective of the book is just different. It is built on philosophical and ethical reflections on the place of Pridnestrovie in the world today, about the features of the Pridnestrovian mentality, culture, and about the most complicated problems of the economy, social and political life, state-building,” said the historian. He believes the book is of interest both to scientists, and teachers, students of Pridnestrovian higher institutions.

Sergei Baburin expressed his solidarity and support to Pridnestrovie. He thinks that the primary task for Russia today is to ensure that Romania and Moldova recognize the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. “If we lift Moldova’s blockade at least, all the rest will be solved easier. We hope that we will receive Pridnestrovian scientists, politicians, public figures in Moscow, and our colleagues will come to the Pridnestrovian University, in the republic, in order to strengthen higher school, and to enhance the public life of Pridnestrovie,” said the scientist.

Aleksandr Sergeyev, the author of the book, said that today the PMR is geopolitically one of the most important components in ensuring security of the Russian Federation, the fortress constraining the spread of the zone of the US and the North Atlantic Alliance’s influence towards the east. “The PMR's geopolitical role is quite unique, if it was not the Pridnestrovian outpost, Ukraine probably would be already in the NATO,” said the scientist.

Aleksandr Sergeyev’s book “Pridnestrovie today: problems and prospects of vital activity”.

Source: Media Centre “Eurasian Pridnestrovie”