Vitaliy Ignatiev Discussed Parameters of Cooperation with Leadership of “Narodny Sobor” Inter-Regional Public Movement

Vitaliy Ignatiev Discussed Parameters of Cooperation with Leadership of “Narodny Sobor” Inter-Regional Public Movement

On October 3, 2011, Deputy Foreign Minister Vitaliy Ignatiev met in Moscow with Chairman of Executive Committee of “Narodny Sobor” Inter-Regional Public Movement Oleg Kassin and Co-Chairman of the Movement Alexander Lapin.

 During the meeting Vitaliy Ignatiev noted, that alarming fact of gradual leaving of Pridnestrovien subject area from Russian informational field is observed. According to him, this arouses serious concern in Tiraspol, because in Pridnestrovie security of citizens and general stability of given region of Europe is connected to, inter alia, awareness of Russian society of the processes, happening here. Diplomat announced that there is now a task before Pridnestrovie, a necessity to consolidate efforts of wide circle of Russian friends in order to carry out on continuing basis joint forward social and informational work.

Oleg Kassin told that these objectives match tasks and interests of Narodny Sobor, which several years ago made it its aim to unite forces, who thought in a patriotic way, not only from Russia, but from all the CIS, by means of popular diplomacy and informational reciprocal action. He also noted, that Narodny Sobor is working today all over Russia, separate movements exist in Ukraine and Belarus. “We hope to unite people with ideas of morality and common culture, therefore Pridnestrovien topic is very interesting,” Oleg Kassin pointed.

During the dialog the issues of obtaining of Russian citizenship and protection of rights of Russian and Ukrainian citizens, living in Pridnestrovie were touched upon. Special interest of Russian interlocutors was caused by topic of regional security and protection of inalienable rights and freedoms of Pridnestrovien people, who has a full complex of difficulties, because political and economical pressure from the side of neighboring Moldova continues. Vitaliy Ignatiev dwelled on the issues of Russia-Pridnestrovie relations, emphasizing great significance of programs of social and economical aid, which Russia gives to Pridnestroviens at this conjuncture.

Diplomat offered his interlocutors certain practical directions for joint work, they exchanged printed matter, discussed the possibilities of informational partnership. Oleg Kassin expressed interest in interaction with Pridnestrovie on the level of civil society. He supported the idea that range of Pridnestrovien problems should be actualized on Russian informational field, as well as all over CIS, and Narodny Sobor is ready to cooperation on given direction.

Information: Narodny Sobor Inter-Regional Public Movement – community of social associations and civilians, which aims to transform Russia on the basis of traditional spiritual and moral values of Russian civilization. Movement unites over 250 different organizations in tens of Russian regions – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok – Orthodox, cultural and historical, literary and creative, veteran, military and patriotic, informational and analytical, sport and others. Movement defends the rights of people and organization, protects religious shrines and cultural institutions. Narodny Sobor actively supports healthy way of life and military and patriotic bringing up of young people: it organizes and carries out sporting competitions, tournaments, military and patriotic meetings for young people.