On the Meeting with the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

On the Meeting with the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights
On the Meeting with the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

Today Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR on Issues of International Cooperation, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina Shtanski met Nils Muiznieks, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev, Counsellors of the CE Commissioner for Human Rights Olena Petsun and Viktor Muntyanu also participated in the meeting.  

The meeting discussed a number of issues related to the implementation of human rights in Pridnestrovie, and a report summarizing the results of the study concerning protection of human rights and freedoms in the PMR drawn up by Thomas Hammarberg, the UN Senior Expert on Human Rights in Pridnestrovie.

During the meeting Nina Shtanski said that particular emphasis to the implementation of fundamental principles and standards of human rights is captured in Pridnestrovie. “During 2012 we met with a large number of international experts at diverse levels including the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the European Union, and the OSCE. Major efforts were made by Thomas Hammarberg,” said the Minister.

The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights expressed his appreciation to the Pridnestrovian leadership for transparency and cooperative attitude. “The purpose of my visit is to learn your opinion on Thomas Hammarberg's report, your view on the further process of cooperation with the Council of Europe and other international organizations,” he said. “I've taken opinion on the report of Thomas Hammarberg in Kishinev but the most important thing for me is to hear your opinion on the implementation of his recommendations,” Nils Muiznieks stressed.

Commenting on the results of the meeting, Nina Shtanski stated that there is a wide range of issues faced by people in Pridnestrovie due to the unresolved Moldovan-Pridnestrovian relations. “Today we shared with Mr. Commissioner our thoughts on assistance of international experts that can be rendered us in mitigation of living conditions for Russian and Ukrainian nationals residing in Pridnestrovie, who are deprived of proper consular services. It results in restriction of a broad scope of their rights,” said the Head of the Foreign Ministry.

Pridnestrovian side also expressed the hope that the activity of joint expert groups will make progress towards signing an agreement on cooperation between law enforcement agencies, while implementation of human rights also depends largely on it.