Nina Shtanski Met with the Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Michael Scanlan


Today, the PMR\'s MFA held the meeting between Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for International Cooperation, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina Shtanski and Head of the OSCE Mission Michael Scanlan. American diplomat replaced Ambassador Jennifer Brush who had led the Mission since 2012.During the meeting, Nina Shtanski stressed the readiness of the Pridnestrovian side to cooperate with the OSCE, and expressed hope that the interaction with the Mission will be based from now on a constructive basis."The doors of the Ministry are traditionally open for the OSCE representatives, and, we, of course, look forward to returning to the functional format of the work with the Mission, which is the working body of the OSCE as a mediator in the negotiations. We hope that our relations will be cooperative, will be returned on an equal basis, and the main principles of our work will be transparency, objectivity, impartiality - that are urged to help us move forward together, "- said the diplomat. According to Nina Shtanski, the Pridnestrovian side expects the support of the Mission on a range of issues, in particular, ensuring all possible platforms for the maintenance of the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian dialogue.During the dialogue Michael Scanlan highly appreciated the willingness of the Pridnestrovian side to open cooperation, and said that he intends to adhere to the voiced principles in his activities."Within my powers, I will follow mandate trusted me openly, constructively and transparently," - said the diplomat. "I welcome your commitment to this openness and transparency and I will take the same approach in dealing both with Tiraspol and Chisinau, as well as with the observers and mediators in the negotiating process," - he concluded.Nina Shtanski informed in details the Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova on certain procedural aspects of the work in the format of the "Permanent Conference", the current state of the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian dialogue and some of the topical problems in the relationship of the parties. The diplomat stressed especially the negative impact on the negotiation process of the continued practice of the criminal prosecution of the Pridnestrovian officials by the competent authorities of the Republic of Moldova and emphasized the inadmissibility of such actions. During the meeting, the sides also discussed issues in the field of education, including the process of developing regulations of functioning Moldovan schools teaching in Latin script on the territory of Pridnestrovie.