On the meeting of expert (working) groups on railway communication


The regular meeting of expert (working) groups on railway communication was held today in the office of the OSCE Mission in Kishinev upon the initiative of the Pridnestrovian side.

The need for the meeting was dictated by the problems arisen in October this year with the shipment of goods imported by Pridnestrovie’s economic entities to the station “Slobodka-export”. We remind that this kind of problem has arisen before, and the purposes of the two meetings of subject matter experts which were organized in August this year were to discuss its settlement. The refusal of the regional railways of Ukraine for approval to the shipment to the “Slobodka-export” station leads to losses of enterprises located in the north of Pridnestrovie.

During today's meeting the Pridnestrovian representatives were told that the refusal to approve the goods is connected with the repeated appeals to the address of the railways of Ukraine on the part of the administration of the State Enterprise “Railway of Moldova”. The Pridnestrovian side addressed with a request to send the respective telegram that would allow further import of goods to Pridnestrovie through the station “Slobodka-export” on the basis of earlier agreements. The Moldovan side committed itself to study Pridnestrovie’s proposal.

Experts agreed to continue the discussion. It is expected that the next meeting of the expert (working) groups on railways and communications will take place next week in Bendery.