Regular meeting of the Public Expert Council was held in the MFA of the PMR


A regular meeting of the Public Expert Council was held in the MFA of the PMR. The meeting was attended by the leaders and members of public associations, representatives of scientific and artistic circles, and the PMR’s authorities. Deputies Minister of Foreign Affairs Vitaly Ignatiev and Igor Shornikov, RISS Deputy Director Tamara Guzenkova participated in the meeting.

During the meeting a number of topical issues of Pridnestrovian safety were put forward to discussion. Igor Shornikov noted that the PEC was summoned rather urgently. “The republic has been recently facing a difficult situation. All of us keep track of what the media of neighbouring countries and the Russian one are publishing. We would like to hear the Council’s opinion regarding the current situation,” said the diplomat.

In his turn, Vitaly Ignatiev expressed the deep gratitude to the employees of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies for their work in the Pridnestrovian direction and for the promotion of the Pridnestrovian theme in public, expert, scientific and informational spheres in the context of the restrictive blockade actions on the part of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

Vitaly Ignatiev noted that provocations and threats which the republic is facing now affect not only one sphere. “They affect not only economy, social services and security. Unfortunately, this is a complex problem connected with the pressure exerted on Pridnestrovie on the part of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. Currently this pressure is of a purposeful systematic character and has a well pronounced coordination,” stated the Deputy Minister.

During the dialogue with the journalists after the meeting of the Public Expert Council Tamara Guzenkova noted that in Pridnestrovie the economic blockade problem is the most acute one which is worsening day by day aggravating the social situation in the republic. “It proves that Pridnestrovie is not perceived as isolated, but as a part of a wider field of operations aimed at escalating the relations between the West and Russia. In this sense the republic can be called a link that happened to be in a situation when these relations are being escalated. I think that to solve the Pridnestrovian problem separately, taking no notice of the other problems, is hardly possible,” said the expert.

Tamara Guzenkova emphasized during the dialogue with the journalists that the negative actions implemented by Ukraine towards Pridnestrovie are “an evident violation of human rights and an absolutely non-humanistic approach to the political problem solving”.

“The storm clouds are gathering on the Pridnestrovian-Ukrainian border, the bellicose statements on the part of Ukranian politicians and the attempts to create an opposition to Pridnestrovie are being made. Still at the rhetorical level, but yet some particular war preparations are going on. That’s why this summer is going to be a summer of disturbing and uneasy expectations. In this context all the hopes were pinned on the global community and the Russian diplomacy since only the most serious efforts can help stop this conflict,” she concluded.