President Yevgeny Shevchuk receives Acting Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev


​President Yevgeny Shevchuk received acting foreign minister of the PMR. Vitaly Ignatiev reported to the head of state on the results of the official visit to the capital of the Russian Federation.

In Moscow the head of the Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry held a series of meetings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Office of Deputy Prime Minister, Special Representative of the Russian President on Pridnestrovie Dmitry Rogozin. The dialogue was also held with colleagues in the State Duma and the Federation Council. The general topic of all the meetings was the current socio-economic situation in Pridnestrovie, the efforts of the authorities that were taken to minimize the impact of the economic crisis on all areas of country’s life. It was about the measures limiting foreign trade activities of Pridnestrovian enterprises by the neighbouring countries and other forms of full-scale external pressure on the republic.

Vitaly Ignatiev informed President Yevgeny Shevchuk on the results of the meeting of the political representatives from Pridnestrovie and Moldova, which took place on March 18 this year. “Unfortunately, the Moldovan side continues to imitate a constructive dialogue. At the same time it behaves destructively in terms of content of the joint work. So, we did not receive confirmation that meetings of any of the expert (working) groups would be organized. Meanwhile, these working meetings are intended to help solving acute problems, aimed at creating atmosphere of trust and improving socio-economic conditions of our citizens. We expect adequate reciprocal steps from the Moldovan side, - said Vitaly Ignatiev. - We also expect the reaction of Moldovan experts who are studying a number of projects and proposals of Pridnestrovian experts on road and railway communication issues. We hope that the Moldovan experts will not drag out the study and analysis process.

In addition, Acting Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev informed the president about the results of the first study visit to Pridnestrovie made by Special Envoy of Ukraine in the negotiation process, Ambassador-at-Large Valery Zhovtenko.