Vladimir Yastrebchak gives an interview to the First Republican Channel


On July 17, 2009, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Yastrebchak answered questions of the reporter of the TV program “Observer” (“Nabludatel”) of the First Republican Channel. 

In particular, the Minister commented on the possibility of the work resumption of “The Permanent consultations…” in early October of the current year. In this regard, V. Yastrebchak noted that the significance of the dialogue resumption is fixed in the Joint statement of the Presidents of the RF, the PMR and the RM dated by March 18, 2009.  Besides, this possibility was discussed in the framework of informal consultations of the settlement participants in Vienna. The Minister emphasized that the beginning of the work in the consultative format “5+2” would be possible provided that real preconditions for the dialogue restart appeared by September. 

In his comments about the international and political variant of a “delayed status” for Pridnestrovie, the Minister marked that the parties keep holding diametrical positions and the further debates on the PMR's political status are inefficient. According to the Minister, Pridnestrovie in fact has had a “delayed status” for about 20 years already. Instead of endless fruitless discussions the PMR MFA suggests to focus efforts of the sides on the solution of certain problems of non-political character, such as railway issues, humanitarian aspects, cooperation of the law-enforcement structures, ecological sphere and others. In the opinion of the Minister, this model could help to avoid unnecessary politization in the solution of vital issues and to give additional positive impulse to the activity of working groups of the sides. 

Touching upon the issue of the detention of Moldovan policemen, the Head of the MFA declared that according to the results of the judicial inquiry the actions of the RM's law enforcement officials would be given a corresponding legal estimation – the fact that mediators and observers in the settlement would be informed of, if needed. In this regard, V. Yastrebchak stressed the high value of the cooperation development between the law-enforcement structures of the sides and the return to the earlier existed agreements in this sphere between Moldova and Pridnestrovie.  

Touching upon the issue of the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Moldova, the Minister emphasized that no official appeal to Pridnestrovie coming from the Central Election Commission of the RM with the request to open polls on the territory of the PMR had been received. 

During the interview the Minister answered a number of other questions which Pridnestrovian people might be interested in.