Announcement by the Press Service of the Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie


Today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR sent an address to Representative on political issues of Moldova Victor Osipov, as well as all the 5+2 participants in connection with others unfriendly actions of the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Moldova against the officials of Pridnestrovie.

On November 18, 2015 Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the PMR Andrei Kirsta, departing for an official trip to Moscow was subjected, without explanation, to the humiliating procedure of in-depth personal search and examination of luggage on the second line.

On 25 November this year Acting Prime Minister of the PMR Maiya Parnas when departing from Kishinev was also subjected to personal examination and baggage search, upon returning the Head of Government was kept about 40 minutes beyond the line of control, ostensibly for checking documents. Both members of the Government of Pridnestrovie during the examination by airport employees were verbally informed of the presence of their names in a kind of a special list of law enforcement agencies of Moldova.

The Pridnestrovian side informed the Moldovan representatives and 5+2 members in its address that it regards these facts of unjustified personal examination of members of the Government of the PMR in the face of existence of a complex of deep problems in relations between Pridnestrovie and Moldova as a targeted act humiliating honour and dignity of senior officials of the country. The actions of law enforcement bodies of the RM are clearly provocative, do not contribute to the formation of the atmosphere of trust already significantly undermined, are another obstacle to building a full-fledged dialogue in the negotiation process.

The letter to the international partners also noted that the Pridnestrovian side prevents similar acts against authorities of Moldova, crossing the Pridnestrovian border.

Pridnestrovie hopes that the Moldovan authorities’ thoughtful and rational approach towards bilateral relations with Pridnestrovie will prevail, and similar destructive actions that provoke tension and degradation of the atmosphere of trust will be ended.