Meeting with Delegation of Chornobyl-Dopomoga Association Takes Place in PMR’S MFA

Meeting with Delegation of Chornobyl-Dopomoga Association Takes Place in PMR’S MFA

Today, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR, the meeting took place between representatives of Republic's leadership with the delegation of All-Ukrainian Civil Organization of Invalids “Chornobyl-Dopomoga”. Participating in the meeting from the Pridnestrovien side were Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Simonenko, Deputy Minister of Healthcare and Social Protection Svetlana Fedotova, and Deputy Minister of Education Vladimir Nemirovskiy. Ukrainian delegation was represented by head of the “Chornobyl-Dopomoga” Organization Viktor Tupilko, Co-Chairperson of the Union of Ukrainian Women (Kiev, Ukraine) Liudmila Ogneva, and Vladimir Ushchapovskiy (Odessa, Ukraine).

In the course of the conversation, Viktor Tupilko told about the situation developing in Ukraine in the sphere of social protection of liquidators of Chernobyl disaster. Participants of the delegation were also interested in what way such matters are solved in Pridnestrovie.

Svetlana Fedotova pointed out that since formation of the state issues of social protection of the citizens and primarily of Chernobyl cleanup veterans have been on one of the first places. She stressed that special attention in Pridnestrovie is devoted not only to the participants of liquidation of the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, but also to the children affected by this catastrophe.

During the meeting, development of cultural cooperation between Ukraine and Pridnestrovie was discussed. In particular, possibilities of involvement of Pridnestrovien and Ukrainian creative collectives in festivals, organization of art exhibitions and other events connected with popularization of Ukrainian culture and support for Ukrainian identity in Pridnestrovie were considered.

Sergey Simonenko noted that PMR's leadership pays special attention to the development of interstate and interregional cooperation with brotherly Ukraine in all spheres, and as it was marked by the diplomat, humanitarian and socio-cultural component of this cooperation is one of the priorities in bilateral relations.

In the course of the dialogue the participants discussed also other directions of Pridnestrovie-Ukraine interaction.