Address of the President on the occasion of the Day of Memory and Grief for those who died in the city of Bendery


Dear Pridnestrovians!

This day marks the twenty-third year of the Bendery tragedy – a mournful date in the history of the city and all of our country.

40 days of incessant fighting of an undeclared war. It was the bloodiest operation of Moldovan nationalists against the Pridnestrovian people. The horrific events of 1992 affected each Pridnestrovian. They will forever remain an open wound in the hearts of our people. Pridnestrovian people managed with great honour and fortitude to withstand hardships fell faced by them, defended the right to live in their native land in peace and harmony.

Dear Pridnestrovians! Let us bow our heads before the cherished memory of those who defended Bendery at the cost of their lives, showed fearlessness, courage and will to defend their republic. We share the pain of the loss of all those who lost loved ones in the tragic events of 1992, we pay tribute to the combatants for the selflessness and heroism.

Eternal rest to the fallen!

Eternal glory to the defenders of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic!



of the Pridnestrovian

Moldavian Republic                                                            Y.V.Shevchuk