Nina Shtanski met Deputy Head of the OSCE Secretariat Adam Kobieracki

Nina Shtanski met Deputy Head of the OSCE Secretariat Adam Kobieracki

Today the PMR's MFA hosted a meeting between Deputy Chairperson of the PMR's Government for International Cooperation, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina Shtanski and Director of the OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre, Deputy Head of the OSCE Secretariat Adam Kobieracki. The meeting was also attended by the Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Michael Scanlan, Chief of Legal Department of the OSCE Secretariat Mathew Bailey, and officer of the OSCE Secretariat Conflict Prevention Center Stijn Schrooten.

During the meeting the parties continued the work on agreement upon the document regulating the interaction between the OSCE Mission and Pridnestrovie. A proposal to reconsider the current Agreement was made by Pridnestrovie back in 2011. The President of the PMR Yevgeny Shevchuk announced his position of principle on the need to conduct substantive consultations on updating the Agreement during the meeting with the Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Jennifer Brush on March 22, 2013. The latest visit of Adam Kobieracki to Pridnestrovie took place in April this year.

The interlocutors exchanged opinions regarding a number of terminology aspects of the mentioned draft document. Estimating the current stage of work on the Agreement, Nina Shtanski noted that despite several issues requiring additional discussion, the parties have come significantly close to final drafting of the Agreement. “I should note that we see a fundamental advancement in the materials submitted by you. It is evident that we have harmonized our positions regarding the conceptual and substantive charging of the document. There are some general comments, which, as I hope, we will clarify”, said the diplomat.

In his turn, Adam Kobieracki agreed with the positive assessment of the current stage of the draft Agreement harmonization.

During the discussion, the parties have managed to significantly move forward on a number of issues, requiring additional agreement. Concluding the meeting the interlocutors agreed to continue the work on this issue.