On the Meeting between Nina Shtanski and Adam Kobieracki

On the Meeting between Nina Shtanski and Adam Kobieracki

Today, Foreign Ministry of the PMR hosted the meeting between Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for International Cooperation, Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski with Director of the Conflict Prevention Center, Deputy Head of the OSCE Secretariat in Vienna Adam Kobieracki. Participating in the meeting were also Deputy Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev, chief of legal department of the OSCE Secretariat Sabine Bauer, officer of the OSCE Secretariat Conflict Prevention Center Stijn Schrooten and rule of law adviser of the OSCE Mission Rita Tamm.

The meeting was mainly focused on updating of regulatory matters of cooperation between Pridnestrovie and the OSCE Mission in terms of review of Agreement on Activities of the OSCE Mission in Pridnestrovie. This initiative was put forward by the Pridnestrovian side in 2011. This year the issue was raised during the meeting of the President of the PMR Yevgeny Shevchuk with leadership of the OSCE Mission. Head of the state instructed Foreign Ministry to hold consultations with the OSCE to bring provisions of this Agreement in line with the present-day realities.

Currently the work of the OSCE Mission in the republic is regulated by Agreement on the Activities of the OSCE Mission in Pridnestrovie of August 25, 1993. A number of significant changes have taken place since that time. “The OSCE mandate has been transformed. In year 2000, Foreign Ministry of the PMR was formed, domestic legislation of the PMR was adapted to various international legal documents, in particular, Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic Relations were recognized as frame conventions in Pridnestrovie. In 2012, Pridnestrovie participated in adjustment of the principles and procedures of the negotiation process in the 5+2 format which fixed two equal sides in the process – Moldova and Pridnestrovie. Hence, each of the participants of the negation process has the right to enter into any relations with both sides participating in the 5+2 format,” Nina Shtanski explained.

 During the meeting the interlocutors also considered other aspects of bilateral cooperation. The sides agreed to continue dialogue on this topic.