Resumption of the railway communication through the territory of Pridnestrovie - an obvious positive result of the “small steps” tactics within the framework of the negotiation process


That was said today by Deputy Foreign Ministry Vitaly Ignatiev in a live broadcast of the Pervyi Pridnestrovsky TV Channel.

As previously reported, on December 24, the Protocol decision “On the Principles of Resumption of a Full-Scale Freight Railway Communication Through the Territory of Pridnestrovie” of March 30, 2012 was prolonged.

 “Since the resumption of the railway communication we saw tangible economic benefit, it should ensure the stable work of economic agents of Pridnestrovie and Moldova as well. Given that the last agreement expires in the outgoing year, it became necessary to extend it. The document is extended for three months through distance signing by the heads of the two states. We count on the possibility of long-term extension. Our Moldovan partners officially informed that they were also ready to consider entering into an agreement for a longer period,” – said Vitaly Ignatiev.

The Deputy Foreign Minister stressed that the situation in the negotiation process remained very complex.

 “There is a serious deterioration of relations both on the negotiating platform, and at the level of expert groups. Recently, there were a number of incidents, in particular related to the attack on the President of Pridnestrovie in the Kishinev Airport, as well as a blatant case of detention of the officer of the State Customs Committee of the PMR, who was on duty in the Security zone, that is fraught with extremely negative consequences,” – noted Vitaly Ignatiev.

He added that under such conditions the negotiating platform “was actually blocked by Moldovan side”. Since June the work of the Joint Control Commission was also blocked by Moldovan colleagues.

 “There is no question of talking about normal relations in such conditions, unfortunately. I would not expressly link the situation to the elections in the RM. Problems in relations between the two countries have long existed, a direct correlation with the election does not exist. Elections have only created a certain pause in the dialogue between the parties. The actions of the Moldovan side are an indicator of real attitude to the PMR. Especially recently, they are very negative, aggressive, one-sided. The Moldovan side is guided by the “arm-twisting” paradigm, it is not ready to engage in dialogue in a constructive way,” – concluded Deputy Foreign Minister of Pridnestrovie.


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