On the Meeting with Representatives of the European Union Border Assistance Mission to the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine


Today, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic, Deputy Foreign Minister A. Malyarchuk held the meeting with the Operation and Quality Control Coordinator of the Analytical Support Department of the EUBAM Mission Rosario De Blasio. The meeting was also attended by EUBAM customs analyst Vladimir Pisar.

In the course of the discussion, the sides concentrated on consideration of the perspectives of resumption of the full-scale freight railway link through the Pridnestrovien territory. Representatives of the EU Border Assistance Mission expressed their willingness to act in the capacity of technical experts in this vital issue. In case the Pridnestrovien and Moldovan sides agree on the formula of restoration of the full-scale railway communication, EUBAM will undertake commitments to provide technical guarantees of performance of a possible agreement.

Rosario De Blasio set forth perspective variants of solving the indicated problem, noticing that draft technical proposal submitted for consideration to the sides is only one of the options.

Deputy Foreign Minister A. Malyarchuk emphasized the necessity to observe the principle of equality of the sides in contractual relations between the Pridnestrovien Railways and Moldovan Railways, as well as between customs bodies of the PMR and the RM taking into account the need to implement Protocol Decision on resolution of the problems emerged in the activity of customs services of the Republic of Moldova and Pridnestrovie dated February 7, 1996.