Students of A.F. Foynitsky Art School Presented Their Works at Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry


An exhibition of works by students of the A.F. Foynitsky Children Art School opened at the MFA of the PMR marking the 60th anniversary of the School. The event was attended by the Spokesman of the MFA of the Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry Yakov Chaykin, the Head of the A.F. Foynitsky Children Art School Marya Maryan, Head of the Linocut Class Oleg Boltnev and the representatives of the Tiraspol Cultural Department and the artistic community of Pridnestrovie. 

Greeting the guests, Yakov Chaykin congratulated the representatives of the A.F. Foynitsky Children Art School on the anniversary and thanked for the invaluable contribution to the Republic’s future development. Speaking about the exhibition, the diplomat emphasized the space for perception given by the linocut techniques. “The graphic and concise nature of the presented works allows everyone to fill them with own images and memories, to complement the edges and main touches with own content”, Yakov Chaykin shared his impressions.

Talking about the exhibition, Oleg Boltnev stated that they had selected the best exam works of students for the last three years. The artist also drew attention to the complexity of the used techniques. “The linocut requires a concentration of attention and a serious preparatory work. Nobody gets to work without a good draft”, he stated.  

In her turn, Marya Maryan told about the background of the linocut class and mentioned the types of equipment used by students and teachers. She also recalled that other drawing, painting, composition, graphics, sculpture and computer graphics workshops operate at the Art School.

The exhibition will last one month.

Image: News of Pridnestrovie Information Agency