Lecture by Vitaly Ignatiev at the First International School of Pridnestrovie “Geopolitics and Regional Security”


As part of the celebration of the 85th anniversary of the Pridnestrovian State University the First Pridnestrovian International School “Geopolitics and Regional Security” began its work. Leading experts of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR and teachers of T.G. Shevchenko Pridnestrovian State University will be holding a series of lectures and master classes for students of the School for four days.

Today, within the first lecture session Acting Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev presented a report on topical issues of normalization of relations between Moldova and Pridnestrovie to young lawyers, political scientists, diplomats and economists.

During his speech, the diplomat highlighted in detail stages of the negotiation process with Moldova and specifics of international format of the settlement. In addition, the Head of the Foreign Ministry touched upon some aspects of the functioning of the international peacekeeping mission conducted under the auspices of the Russian Federation.

Vitaly Ignatiev also drew attention of participants to a number of actual issues of the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian relations. In particular, the diplomat touched on issues of politically motivated prosecutions of civil servants and businessmen of Pridnestrovie on the part of Moldova. The problem of discharge of the Pridnestrovian militiaman who has been held in a Greek prison in Athens for more than two months also remains unresolved, as well as the problem of repeated deportations from the Kishinev airport of citizens residing in Pridnestrovie.

Vitaly Ignatiev expanded on the issue of restrictions on Pridnestrovie’s foreign economic activity imposed by neighbouring countries. In this context, the diplomat said that Moldova systematically violated agreements of the negotiation process, confirming the right of Pridnestrovie to establish free trade and economic relations.

The Head of the MFA of the PMR also paid attention to the issue which was particularly topical today connected with the ban introduced by the Moldovan side on crossing the Moldovan-Ukrainian border by vehicles registered in Pridnestrovie. We remind, on August 24, 2015 the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova unilaterally took the decision without a formal notification of Pridnestrovie and other 5+2 members.

In conclusion, Vitaly Ignatiev said that Pridnestrovie would continue to adhere to the course chosen by the people of Pridnestrovie in a referendum in 2006. “Our conscious choice is the orientation towards the Russian Federation, towards maximum integration with Russia. I think that we will be able, with the support of the Russian Federation and our partners from the Eurasian Economic Union, not only to keep our positions, but also to develop dynamically, to become an effective state, a full member of the international community,” - said Vitaly Ignatiev.