Pridnestrovie hopes future Government of Moldova will keep its adherence to Moscow agreements - PMR MFA Head

Throughout the ruling period of the Communist Party in the neighbouring Moldova, positions of Kishinev and Tiraspol have not just failed to become closer but diverged even more. This statement has been made today by PMR Foreign Minister Vladimir Yastrebchak in his conversation with the correspondent of the Spanish newspaper “El Pais”. The journalist Bonet Pilar was interested in the outcomes of the settlement which have been reached during the rule of President Voronin's party, and also in the present-day situation in the PMR.

Vladimir Yastrebchak noted that the sides were closest in their positions in 2003 when agreed text of “Kozak Memorandum” was prepared.  Vladimir Voronin's refusal from the already paraphed document was followed by the rush worsening of the situation in the settlement process. Kishinev's tendency of imposing its will on Tiraspol manifested itself through   unwillingness to see the Pridnestrovian side as an equal partner in the negotiations, as well as through various blockade measures that the Moldavian authority assumed in relation to the PMR. “As a result, the gap between our sides became much wider,” summed up Vladimir Yastrebchak.

In the given situation, according to the Minister, Tiraspol's certain hopes were connected with the results of the Moscow meeting of the Presidents of Russia, Moldova and the PMR which took place on March 18, this year.  The Joint Declaration of the leaders of the three states which was signed following the results of the meeting presupposes that the necessary conditions for equal and constructive dialogue excluding pressure measures should be created. However, the pre-election campaign in Moldova did not favour the practical development of the Moscow declaration. “We hope that the new government which is to be formed in Kishinev after the parliamentary elections already held will confirm its adherence to Moscow agreements,” told Vladimir Yastrebchak.    In his comments on the outcomes of the elections in the RM, the Minister expressed hope that after the formation of governing bodies of the neighbouring state Tiraspol would see its new negotiation partners as people capable of making responsible and long-term decisions.