PMR's MFA hosted a meeting with a representative of the OSCE Mission to Moldova


​Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Dmitry Palamarchuk met with the Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Stephen Young.

The discussion on the initiative of the Pridnestrovian side focused on the problems of railway import of goods to Pridnestrovie. Dmitry Palamarchuk noted the acute current situation and drew attention to the need for urgent solutions for its stabilization.

The Deputy Minister reminded that back in February the Pridnestrovian side had presented a comprehensive proposal to develop an optimal scheme of cargoes delivery in Pridnestrovie by rail to all the 5+2 participants. In this context the diplomat stressed the need for international support of Pridnestrovian efforts to resolve the problem in the field of freight railway communication, and also noted that the Pridnestrovian side had put forward an initiative to hold an extraordinary meeting of the “Permanent Conference...”, dedicated specifically to this issue.

The sides also touched upon some aspects of the implementation of the Berlin Protocol, as well as on a number of issues of bilateral cooperation with the OSCE.