Vitaly Ignatiev: “Joint control of Moldova and Ukraine on the border with Pridnestrovie is aimed at full-scale blockade against the republic”


Pridnestrovie has repeatedly in the framework of interaction with the political representative of Moldova at various levels declared officially that such decisions are unacceptable. We consider them as a new restrictive measure to apply the legal framework of the Republic of Moldova to the Pridnestrovian–Ukranian border as well, to establish full-scale blockade against the foreign trade activity of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, to take complete control and restrict export–import operations of our economic agents. Obviously, the triple customs and border control cannot be positively accepted by the economic agents of the republic, but additional juridical, legal and administrative barriers do not contribute to any development of economic relations with other countries, and to the freedom of movement.

It should be noted that such actions were taken outside the negotiation process. Moreover, the agreement of the Moldovan and Ukrainian sides is contrary to the very foundations of the negotiations, which are enshrined in the relevant documents, including the principles of renunciation of all forms of pressure and rejection of unilateral discriminatory practices, as well as the provisions of the Moscow Memorandum of 1997.

We believe that unilateral decisions which are taken outside the negotiation structures and clearly aimed at strengthening enforcement measures against the Pridnestrovian side cannot help to build confidence and be part of a constructive dialogue. We express our concern at the fact that such steps lead to further stagnation in the negotiation process, put the parties at undefined distance in terms of achieving specific solutions.  

In addition, the presence of the security forces of the Republic of Moldova on the border significantly changes the balance of power, is an element of threat to the security of Pridnestrovie, forcing the application of appropriate responses. We addressed a proposal to the Moldovan and Ukrainian sides to clarify their position, critically reconsider those steps and to refrain from attempts to implement the signed protocol before the final settlement of the conflict in order to prevent further deterioration of relations between the parties.

The MFA of the PMR sent through diplomatic channels corresponding addresses to the Moldovan and Ukrainian sides. We also informed all 5+2 participants about our position. A separate address was sent to the Russian side.