Comment to the Vzglyad newspaper by the Press Service of the PMR Foreign Ministry


​Press service of the PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented to the Vzglyad newspaper reporter on another “plan” to join Moldova with Romania published in media. Here is the full text of the comment:

“It should be noted that this kind of projects appear not for the first time. However, as experts note, this rhetoric has seemed to be increasingly evident in recent months in the public information field of the RM against the background of the protracted internal political crisis in the neighbouring country.

We note that Pridnestrovie, given the current realities, understands that in Moldova there is a broad breeding ground for such initiatives. We reiterate that the choice of development path is a purely internal matter of the Republic of Moldova.

However, we believe that the intensification of such calls, implying a final loss of Moldova's sovereignty, deserves the full attention of the international community, since it is obvious that this scenario will entail a radical change in the entire regional balance of power and reformatting of the security system in Eastern Europe. This development in the situation will change the basic positions of the participants of the international negotiations in the 5+2 format. We also state that the Moldovan side’s systemic unreadiness for a substantive and constructive dialogue with Pridnestrovie together with the chronic lack of motivation of the Moldovan representatives to settle relations with the PMR on an equitable and mutually acceptable basis provide the expert community with an objective basis to consider this scenario as very likely.

In this context, the fact that such high-profile publications appear against the background of the efforts made by mediators and guarantors for the resumption of full-fledged dialogue between Pridnestrovie and Moldova in all existing formats is a telling sign. We remind that in April 2016 the delegation of mediators and observers in the negotiation process plan to visit Pridnestrovie and Moldova, at that the representatives of the Republic of Moldova continue to show the actual lack of a clear position on the proposals of Pridnestrovie for the settlement of pressing issues of bilateral relations.

We reiterate that Pridnestrovie do not correlate its strategic vector of development by any means with various aspirations of the Republic of Moldova. The course of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic towards independence, maximum integration with Russia and inclusion in the Eurasian unions, as enshrined in the Foreign Policy Concept, is defined by the people of Pridnestrovie during free expression of will in the referendum in 2006. In this regard, it should be stated that calls voiced in the media to change Moldova's status are clear confirmation of the strategic uncertainty and the general state instability of modern Moldova, regularly shaken by various crises, and on the contrary, such “airy-fairy” attempts to seal the fate of Pridnestrovians for them, clearly confirms the correctness of the strategic way chosen by Pridnestrovie”.

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