Yevgeny Shevchuk and Kiril Gaburich discussed a number of topical issues of bilateral relations


Today, during the meeting President of the PMR Yevgeny Shevchuk and Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Kiril Gaburich exchanged views on a number of problematic aspects of bilateral relations.

In particular, the sides exchanged views on the issue of criminal prosecution of officials and entrepreneurs of Pridnestrovie. The Pridnestrovian side indicated a demand to stop the practice of launching new unfounded criminal cases and confirmed the position on the need for synchronous closing them on the principle of “all to all”. We remind that the commitment to such a formula to resolve the contradictions on criminal cases was declared by the Pridnestrovian side during the meeting of the leaders of Pridnestrovie and Moldova on March 14 this year.

“The Pridsnestrovian side has raised the issue which is, in our view, double-edged, - prosecution of officials and entrepreneurs of Pridnestrovie,” - said at the briefing after the meeting President of the PMR Yevgeny Shevchuk. “These criminal cases create a certain tension in the relationship of the parties and may lead to a chain reaction of mutual asymmetric measures, which we would like to avoid. We discussed this topic and outlined some options of working relationship towards finding a compromise and, I emphasize, mutually beneficial solutions. Pridnestrovie proceeds from the need for synchronous solutions for closing the criminal cases based on the “all to all” principle and proposes as soon as possible to hold a working meeting in Bendery at the expert level to exchange actual lists of relevant persons involved in these criminal cases”, - said the head of state.

In the context of the matter, the President pointed out that the lack of a mechanism of interaction between law enforcement agencies of Pridnestrovie and Moldova is one of the important aspects of the problematics of criminal cases. According to Yevgeny Shevchuk, this fact gives rise to a situation where people actually committed crimes on the territory of Pridnestrovie and Moldova remain unpunished. “There should not be a state where criminals can hide in Pridnestrovie and Moldova, taking advantage that there is no corresponding interaction between the law enforcement authorities of Pridnestrovie and Moldova. We have agreed that within the framework of the working groups we will seek a formula how to establish that interaction to ensure that there will not be such incidents in future when our customs officers are detained in the Security Zone and then transported to Kishinev. We reaffirm our statement voiced initially that, for example, it is necessary to decide quickly on a number of crimes such as murder, robbery”, - said the head of state.

“We previously had the tool. Such a mechanism was operated. He was set out in the relevant agreement. In our negotiating history that was long ago. And this agreement, unfortunately, is not in force at the initiative of the Moldovan side. Now we have agreed that we will return to finding a formula of such cooperation,” – he noted.

The economic problems were also the subject of the discussion during the meeting. As President of the PMR Yevgeny Shevchuk stressed, the activation of cooperation between the parties in the economic sphere is mutually beneficial and will promote the development of individual elements of the economy of both Pridnestrovie and Moldova.

 “There are certain calculations showing that the more active interaction of Pridnestrovie and Moldova will allow to accumulate additional revenues to the Moldovan and Pridnestrovian budgets. This is very beneficial. The main problem now is employments and budgets income. It is necessary to seek compromises in this direction. The sooner they are found, the better for economic agents and people”, - he said.

According to the materials of the press service of the President of the PMR