Statement by the Press Service of the PMR’s MFA


The Press Service of the PMR’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes the continued increase in restrictions by the Moldovan side towards official representatives of the Pridnestrovian authorities in Kishinev airport.

In particular, yesterday, on 7 November 2016, employee of the Press Service of the PMR’s President Irina Bodareva, who was a member of the delegation accompanying the President of the PMR, was stopped in Kishinev airport for more than an hour on her return from a business trip to the capital of the Russian Federation. Border police officers conducted an in-depth inspection of luggage and other personal belongings of the President’s delegation member referring to some internal guidance. Furthermore, during the inspection official documents were copied.

The Foreign Ministry of the PMR considers such actions as other destructive elements to heighten tensions between Pridnestrovie and Moldova. Such discriminatory steps do not contribute to the construction of normal communication and complicate the bilateral dialogue significantly. The PMR’s MFA reminds that the Pridnestrovian side is refraining from applying similar measures towards representatives of the Republic of Moldova at crossing the PMR’s border. We are based on the need to stop this flawed practice of putting pressure on the staff of state authorities of Pridnestrovie, which leads to deepened contradictions and destroyed atmosphere of trust.