Vitaly Ignatiev: Pridnestrovie put forward an initiative to hold an extraordinary 5+2 meeting


According to the Head of the Foreign Ministry, efforts of all international partners are required to resolve the problems in the field of railway transport

Today, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev elaborated on the current situation in the area of ​​freight railway communication while talking to the journalists of state media of Pridnestrovie.

In particular, Vitaly Ignatiev informed that the Presidential Administration, the Government, the Supreme Council of the PMR hosted discussions with the leadership of the Foreign Ministry on settlement of a problem caused by unilateral actions by Moldova and Ukraine, which restrict the railway delivery of imported cargos to Pridnestrovie.

“We have taken a range of diplomatic measures, sent our initiatives on settling the situation to the Moldovan and Ukrainian sides, other participants in the negotiation process. We also declared a need to organize a meeting of expert (working) groups on railway transport without delay in order to find a fast solution to this problem that has resulted from the ban of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine on the cargo delivery to the territory of the Republic with Pridnestrovian rolling stock” – the diplomat noted.

“Today I sent an official address to all the 5+2 participants with an initiative to hold an extraordinary meeting of the “Permanent Conference...”, devoted exclusively to the railway communication, in order to find the quickest way out of this critical situation within this international format” – stated Vitaly Ignatiev.

According to the Head of the PMR’s MFA the Pridnestrovian side insists on abandoning any unilateral actions that worsen conditions for citizens and can lead to serious social and humanitarian consequences. “The problem becomes more acute as there are stops and returns of railway wagons with fuel moving to the economic operators of Pridnestrovie. We are in urgent need of these cargos. Due to the forthcoming harvest time, the situation touches upon issues of food and fuel security of the state” – concluded the diplomat.