Tiraspol expects the elections in Moldova to result in the formation of a stable and responsible government – PMR MFA Head


Tiraspol cannot but worry about the lack of stability in the neighbouring Moldova which came to be the result of the dissolution of the newly elected Parliament.  This was announced yesterday by PMR Foreign Minister Vladimir Yastrebchak during his conversation with the correspondent of the Romanian TV channel Realitatia TV. Following the request of the journalist from Bucharest, the Minister covered the situation which has presently established in the Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement and also answered a number of other questions relating to the PMR foreign policy. 

According to PMR MFA Head, Tiraspol refers to the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Moldova “as to the home affair of the neighbouring state.” At the same time, the lack of the stable power system in Moldova affects the process of relations' normalization with this country and delays solution of many urgent problems in the region. In this regard, as Vladimir Yastrebchak noted, Pridnestrovie expects that elections in Moldova would result in the formation of a stable authority capable of holding responsibility for its deeds and decisions. 

PMR MFA Head told that no official appeal to Tiraspol had been received on the part of Kishinev with the request to open polls in Pridnetrovie which would have enabled Pridnestrovian people with the Moldavian citizenship to participate in the elections. “If Kishinev had been interested in their voices this problem could have been solved,” told the Minister. “At the same time we are aware of the fact that along the border with Pridnestrovie the Moldavian authorities will open on their territory a number of special polls for Pridnestrovian people. Our side will in no way prevent the citizens of our republic from visiting them,” marked PMR MFA Head. 

The Romanian journalist was also interested in Pridnestrovie's view of its future in terms when the problem of recognition of its statehood remains unsolved for the time being. According to Vladimir Yastrebchak, geopolitical transformations taking place in the world give Tiraspol enough grounds to be optimistic. “We see that in the world practice approach based on the highest possible degree of realism tends to be prevailing. It presupposes that solution of conflicts should be vital, not artificial,” the Minister said.  According to him, the history had shown that solutions cannot be successful if they are imposed or are obtained without realities being taken into consideration and that attempts to unite what cannot be united do not bring desirable results. Vladimir Yastrebchak cited as an example the artificially created union of Serbia and Montenegro that finally broke down.  

On answering the question of the journalist concerning the attitude of Europe towards Pridnestrovie, PMR MFA Head paid attention to the essential changes in this sphere. “Only about five years ago Europe simply took no notice of us, preferring to work through Kishinev. Presently they do not just cooperate with us directly. We see the desire to hear us and realization on the part of our European partners that it is impossible to achieve vital settlement on Dniester without taking into account our position. This step forward is of principal importance for us,” the Minister told.