Comment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR regarding Some Statements of Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the RM N. German

Comment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR regarding Some Statements of Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the RM N. German

In connection with the recent comment in media by Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the RM Natalya German stating, in particular, that Pridnestrovian representative has attended all rounds of negotiations on DCFTA, whereby, according to Ms. German, “Tiraspol is very well aware of subject of negotiations, parties' positions, and the outcome of these negotiations” the MFA of the PMR considers it necessary to communicate the following.

Moldovan side was extremely selective while fulfilling its obligation to inform Pridnestrovian side, whereas Pridnestrovie irreproachably followed the agreements reached in the decision on the involvement in negotiations on Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area in the status of an independent observer.

Materials obtained by Pridnestrovian observer were not transferred to third parties, and participation itself was not covered by the media. It included also non-coverage of dishonourable approaches used by Moldovan side.

Ms. German chose to ignore the fact that in addition to the negotiating rounds parties held regular video meetings addressing a number of crucial issues on the DCFTA Agreement, including tariff proposals of the EU and RM, transition period, etc. It should be noted that number of such video conferences increased constantly.

Representatives of Pridnestrovie have never received invitations to these events, and independent observers from Pridnestrovie have never got information on decisions taken in their course. Therefore, the statement by Ms. German regarding full awareness of Pridnestrovie bends the truth.

Pridnestrovian side repeatedly called on Moldova and the European Union to provide the full text of the DCFTA Agreement in order to analyze the impact of the new trade regime on the economy of the PMR, but all requests resulted in refusal.

Statement by Ms. German about regular delivery of documents on arrangement of negotiation rounds to Tiraspol leaves perplexed. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR received no materials, except for a brief agenda of each round. In addition, it should be noted that the very invitation to send an observer to attend the next round was sent by Moldovan side belatedly causing difficulties relating to timely processing of visas for officers of the PMR's MFA.

Meanwhile, Pridnestrovian representative was provided with some materials during the rounds. Nevertheless, together they could not give a complete view of the new trade regime.

Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry considers it necessary to emphasize once again that even partial scope of information was sufficient to draw conclusions about the imminence of ongoing threats for the Pridnestrovian economy, about enslaving terms of the new trade regime.

By the way, Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry has recently sent to the relevant structures of the EU as one of the participants in the negotiations a copy of all materials that have become available to an independent observer from Pridnestrovie. It was done because of incorrect awareness of the EU representatives by Moldovan side regarding information scope available to Pridnestrovian side.

In our opinion, Moldovan side deliberately refused to provide the full text of the Agreement, at the same time trying to create an illusion of cooperation on this issue in order to fulfil the requirements of the European Union. In this situation, the MFA of the PMR once again reaffirms its principal willingness to discuss issues of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries and the European Union on a bilateral basis.

Pridnestrovian side has urged Moldovan side for several times to enhance joint efforts while overcoming contradictions in the field of economic cooperation, removing restrictions for foreign trade of Pridnestrovian economic agents. Co-promotion in matters of new trade regimes is impossible without these changes.

Pridnestrovian initiatives to establish common trade regime without mutual restrictions between Pridnestrovie and Moldova, in our opinion, should not only contribute to the successful cooperation between the sides and building an atmosphere of trust, but should also allow opening a dialogue on more complex issues in the economic sphere, if implemented.

This initiative was set out by experts at the Conference on Confidence Building Measures in Landshut, and as part of the November meeting of “5+2 format” participants in Kiev.

The MFA of the PMR reaffirms in this regard its constant willingness for constructive cooperation aimed at developing solutions on the whole range of socio-economic issues.