PMR MFA leadership congratulates the staff of the newspaper «Adeverul Nistrian» on the 15th anniversary of its first publication

Today, the republican newspaper «Adeverul Nistrian» marks its 15th anniversary. In 1994 the President and the Supreme Council of the PMR became founders of the print publication «Adeverul Nistrian» issued in Moldavian using original Cyrillic graphics. The newspaper was presupposed to assist the development of a living Moldavian language, culture and traditions of the Moldavian folk, so that it could preserve its own identity. This event coincided with the opening of the newspaper's new office. PMR's President Igor Smirnov, Chairman of the Supreme Council Anatoly Kaminski, representatives of the government authorities of the Republic, public organizations and mass media came to congratulate the collective of the publication.  The solemn event dedicated to the edition's jubilee was also attended by Deputies Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Alexander Maliarchuk and Sergey Simonenko. In his congratulation to the collective of the publication, Sergey Simonenko noted that “the members of a talented collective of the newspaper «Adeverul Nistrian» are professionals and enthusiasts of their job who truly take care of our state's welfare.” He expressed his assurance of the fact that many professional victories were waiting for the collective on their path of journalism aimed at promotion and protection of ideals of all Pridnestrovian people.

On behalf of the MFA's collective, representatives of the foreign department extended the warmest congratulations wishing contributors of the newspaper «Adeverul Nistrian» peace, well and prosperity, and also expressed their hope for further fruitful cooperation.