Republic\'s Guests: In Pridnestrovie One Can Learn Tolerance and Respect for Personality of an Individual


The Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic is self-sufficient and has become a phenomenon of international life. This was stated by foreign guests at the solemn meeting which took place in Tiraspol on the eve of the Republic's Day. Official delegations from South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Nagorniy Karabakh, guests from Russia, Ukraine and Moldova came to congratulate Pridnestrovien people on the major state holiday.

In his speech, deputy of the parliament of South Ossetia, chairperson of the Writers' Union of the RSO Meliton Kaziev expressed confidence that independence of the PMR would be recognized by international community in the foreseeable future. “With its courage, wit and labor, Pridnestrovie long ago proved to the entire world that it deserves freedom and recognition,” said chairperson of South Ossetia.

Deputy of the Parliament of Abkhazia Pavel Leshchuk congratulated the Pridnestroviens on behalf of the leadership of the Republic of Abkhazia. “You give an example to all the people who wish to live in freedom,” marked the parliamentarian.

At the solemn meeting, deputy of the People's Assembly of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, director of the State Archive of the NKR Vardges Ulubabyan read out a congratulatory message of President of Nagorniy Karabakh Bako Saakyan addressed to the President and the people of the PMR. “In the course of these years, the people and authorities of Pridnestrovie have settled the most difficult tasks of state-building, defended freedom and independence of the country, laid the foundations for dynamic economic development and firmly took the path of international recognition. In Artsakh one is sincerely glad of all your success,” reads the message of congratulation of the Nagorno-Karabakh President. Vardges Ulubabyan shared his impressions about Pridnestrovie. In his words, the Pridnestroviens have something for other nations to learn, including tolerance and respect for personality of an individual.

Delivering his speech, deputy of Odessa City Council Aleksey Kosmin also drew attention to a number of peculiarities of the Pridnestrovien society. “We frequently visit Pridnestrovie and we are always amazed by a high level of patriotism, aspiration of the Pridnestroviens to honor their history, and respect for their heroes,” marked the guest from Odessa.

Deputy director of the Institute of the CIS countries on regional security and military cooperation Ildar Safargaleev read out felicitation from director of the Institute, deputy of RF State Duma Konstantin Zatulin. “Please, accept our congratulations and best wishes in connection with the 21st anniversary of the creation of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic”, the message of congratulation of the Russian parliamentarian reads. “No matter what enemies do, no matter what particular, the so-called, friends of Pridnestrovie declare, the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic is self-sufficient and is a fact of life of hundreds of thousands of people and phenomenon of international life.”

Addressing the citizens of Pridnestrovie with sincere wishes was also Chairperson of the Congress of Russian Communities of Moldova Valery Klimenko. He reminded that 21 years before, the paths of Moldova and Pridnestrovie had diverged, and marked sufficient differences in the present-day socio-economic situation of the two republics, and these differences, according to the guest, are not in favor of Kishinev. “Moldova has a huge budget deficit which one tries to patch with foreign inflows and credits which one will have to give back. As a result, our external debts have increased more than twice over these two years,” Valery Klimenko said. He also said that the United Nations Organization acknowledged the facts testifying violation of rights of national minorities

in Moldova. And although the corresponding resolution was adopted by the UNO 6 months ago, the Moldovan authorities have done nothing to improve the situation up to date, said the guest from Kishinev. “We can run through all aspects of life in Moldova and mention things which don't fit in the norms of a democratic state,” the Chairperson of the Congress of Russian Communities of Moldova pointed out. “Therefore, when German Chancellor Ms. Merkel suggests inclusion of Pridnestrovie into Moldova, I have a desire to advise her at first to help Kishinev restore judicial institutions, settle problems of violation of rights and freedoms of the citizens, and only then speak about the Pridnestrovien problem. Otherwise, it turns out that one wants to force the Pridnestroviens into the place where legal mayhem and economic chaos reign,” said Valery Klimenko. He expressed his conviction that compatriots in Russia “will never leave Pridnestrovie.”

As it was mentioned at the solemn meeting, congratulatory telegrams to the President and the people of Pridnestrovie were received also from a number of other famous politicians, statesmen and public figures, leaders of Russian regions, representatives of clergy, writers and scientists.