Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR regarding the fact that members of the Pridnestrovian - Serbian international conference were not allowed by the Republic of Moldova to enter the Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic


​The Foreign Ministry of the PMR reports that following the deportation of member of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies N.V. Bondarev at night from 25 to 26 November 2015 at Kishinev airport two more members of the Pridnestrovian-Serbian international conference were not allowed to enter.

In particular, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Fasikh Baderkhan, as well as representative of the Serbian Dveri political party Zoran Radoichich were unable to arrive at the conference due to the restrictive measures of the Republic of Moldova.

The MFA of the PMR believes that the ongoing attempts of the RM to prevent scientific activity in Pridnestrovie are a clear demonstration of fear and confusion of the Moldovan political establishment and a symptom of the degradation of the atmosphere of trust in the negotiation process between the parties.

The Foreign Ministry of the PMR will address in the coming days to the participants of the negotiation format “5+2”, as well as all the 57 ambassadors to the OSCE with a request to assess the restrictive measures of the RM.

The MFA of the PMR regards the incident involving the Russian scientists and the citizen of the Republic of Serbia as Moldova’s open and cynical demarche against Serbia’s OSCE Chairmanship, and European democratic principles and standards. We hope that this demonstrative move of the Republic of Moldova against the universal principles and basic foundations of the OSCE activities will receive a proper assessment of the current Chairmanship. The OSCE’s reaction will be real affirmation of readiness to defend the stability of democratic values ​​and stability of the dialogue between the parties, particularly in a situation where it directly affects the issues of freedom of movement and the interests of the Serbian citizens.