Discussion of Issues relating to Security Zone is Unacceptable in the 5+2 Format

Discussion of Issues relating to Security Zone is Unacceptable in the 5+2 Format

According to PMR's MFA, today the first working day of the meeting of the Permanent Conference on Political Issues in the Framework of the Pridnestrovian Settlement Negotiations Process completed in Odessa.

In the course of the meeting, the Pridnestrovian side made a number of statements. In particular, it marked principled position on unacceptability of discussing issues relating to the Security Zone in the 5+2 format.

“Situation in the Security Zone is an element which comes out of the essence of the peacekeeping operation and which is inextricably connected with activity of joint peacekeeping forces,” Political Representative of Pridnestrovie Nina Shtanski told. According to her, there exist well organized mechanisms of discussion of such matters in the framework of the Joint Control Commission and at the level of the Joint Military Command which have proved to be efficient.

Nina Shtanski defined the 5+2 format as an unacceptable platform for discussion of issues relating to the Security Zone and the peacekeeping operation. “We don't agree with the substitution, combination or displacement of forums. We think that such approach is unacceptable but at the same time we express our concern about existing problems in the Security Zone,” she noted. Political Representative of Pridnestrovie reiterated readiness to discuss problems which disturb both sides outside the Permanent Conference. “Pridnestrovie and Moldova have vast arsenal of opportunities enabling discussion of all important and relevant matters in the 1+1 format,” Nina Shtanski added.

Defining position of the Pridnestrovian side, Nina Shtanski also told that proposal to consider problems within 1+1 format had been voiced to the Moldovan side a month ago, but there was no response. Concluding her speech, Political Representative of Pridnestrovie once again paid attention of the participants of the Permanent Conference to unacceptability of inclusion of such issues in the agenda of the meeting.

Current Chairmanship and representatives of other delegations supported proposal made by the Pridnestrovian side. It is expected that tomorrow all participants of negotiations will receive approved agenda for the work at the forthcoming meeting.